Thursday, October 30, 2008

Come As You Were Party!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Maniacs loose in Prestonwood Circle! Residents say it's time to find a new neighborhood! One without freaky people like these...
What was I? I was "Woman who refused to make man sandwich".

As you can see, even in death he still couldn't keep his hands off of me. We have here a desperate housewife voting for Obama (She wants to know where her check is! I told her I'd be giving it to her shortly. About 39% worth of my hard earned cash!), a disco freaky dude, myself and Hitman.

I love his bling.

Us women need to stick together. You know we're all desperate, really...desperate to figure out a way to get rid of our husbands!

The pirate who stole the hippie chick...for her booty, of course!

Costume Contest winners from L to R: Matt - 1st place, myself - Creepiest, Olan - Scariest (you can't see them but he has the most gruesome scars on his face and a nasty broken arm), Josh with Carmen and Mariah -Coolest, Jonathan - Funniest and Laura - Most Original (she sooo deserved it!)

Matt Lieu, Our Halloween Princess. AKA: Crowd Killer


Super Kate said...

Hey Carissa, it's I Kate. You don't know me but our husbands play xbox together. Last night they were mocking the fact that we were both blogging as they were killing random guys with machine guns. Too bad there aren't headsets for blogging.

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