Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Hero

I watched this video on a friend of mine's Facebook. It is so touching I had to post it here on my blog. 

Watch the video, then read on:

Not only is this kid my hero, but also his coach who could've easily let him sit idly on the sidelines doing what he seemed to do best- handing out water and toweling players off. 

And the other players on the team for loving him enough to encourage him to play, even with a chance they might lose the game. Not only that, but because in order for him to have succeeded like he did, they had to relinquish the ball to him. Even after his first shot being a complete miss. They let him try again and again. 

And the crowd...when they saw the coach point at number 52, they could've groaned and whined and wondered aloud what the coach could be thinking putting the autistic kid in to play the last quarter. Instead, nearly in unison, they cheered for number 52 and couldn't wait to see him in action. 
Who knows if they won that game or what the score was? 
Who cares?
Everyone in attendance at that basketball game that day walked away on stilts of self-worth and pride a mile high with a golden trophy of honor in one hand and the sting of a big high five from the team's MVP in the other. 


Super Kate said...

I totally watched this from Matt's facebook and I'm so glad not only that he posted it, but that you did too. Just so awesome!!!

BakerBloggers-Matt & Jenny said...

I loved this! Did you see him on a commercial during the Superbowl too? Kind of restores your faith in humanity doesn't it?

-clarissa said...

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