Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ode to Elder Neilson: "Put A Banana in Your Ear"

One of our Missionaries is being transferred to his next area today. So, we had them over for Family Home Evening for one last night of food, fun and games. We tried to speculate where he might be going for his next area and we gave him some very wise counsel. Here were our thoughts:

First, we speculated.
Bishop Mason: "I think they will be sending you up north."
Elder Neilson: "No, Bishop. This is as far north as the mission goes. I must be going down south to Texas."
Elder Sanders: "Wherever you go Elder Neilson, eat lots of spinach so you can be strong like me. See?"

Then, we taught them what to expect from people down in Texas. Mainly what they look like.

Next, Bishop taught a very valuable lesson on revelation.
Bishop Mason: "It can come from anywhere at anytime. So always be on the look out. And you must look like this when you receive it."

Of course, I had to remind them that if they continued with the workout routine and diet plan they started they could one day aspire to have muscles like me.

I think this is when Bishop Mason grabbed Elder Neilson's butt. LOL!
Bye Elder Neilson! We'll miss you and your "big sad eyes and your big fat frown".
(for more information on "blblblb", google Charlie and the Unicorns #1 and #2)


Carla said...

SO FUNNY!!! Neilson served here in East Texas, and if I was to show you ANY pics of my sons, it looks like this Texas pose...need a little more of that revelation action!!

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