Sunday, June 21, 2009

Caching in!

Ever wanted to go treasure hunting but were unsure of where to start?
Or afraid of looking like an idiot with one of those long-handled metal detector things?
Maybe you thought treasure was something you could only find in far away lands that were too expensive to get to?
Well, thanks to "Geocaching" you don't have to look much further than your own backyard! We discovered this amazingly fun and addicting activity this past Saturday and are totally hooked. To find out more go to But for now, check out our pictures from this weekend.

Our very first trek for our very first cache. We thought it was down these tracks a little ways.

We got slightly delayed by the oncoming train.
Then, we realized it wasn't on the train tracks but about 97 feet that way.

There's where our treasure is hidden.

The moment of discovery!
There she is! This was called the Freedom Box and was hidden well beneath a wood pile.

Let's see what's in this baby!
Look at all the goodies!
Dad reads the letter that was included in the box.
Here's the log that's included in each cache. This one had been there since 2004. It was fun to read all the entries.
The Mason clan with our chosen goodie and the one we replaced it with.

Our 2nd cache find of the day in Sherman, Tx.
It was Garrett's turn to open this find.

Our 3rd cache find of the day. This one was a hilarious hide!!
This was considered a micro cache so there was just a log inside. We signed it and put it back, proctologist style.

Father's Day Geocaching adventure. This one took us to Burney Cemetery and was hidden extremely well.
Putting it back where we found it.
We plan on planting our own cache box soon for others to find. We have several ideas. If you think geocaching is something you would be interested in, you're right! Get started now! It's free and totally addicting. Be sure to see what it's all about first by going to the website or talk to someone you know who does it and find out a few of the etiquette rules.
The family that caches together, stashes together!


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