Friday, August 14, 2009

Bowling Buddies!

Just some pictures of our last family night for your viewing pleasure.

Bowling brings out the best in all of us!

Being goofy. This was after a feeble first attempt at a piggy back ride.

This was right after he hit my shin with the bowling ball....

...and it hurt real bad!! Does it look like he cares? NO! He got a strike! Hoser.

Ila, me, Tiff. The girls dat rocked da house!

Rockin' it some more!

Ok, so here we were just rockin', well, not much.

My Ila Schmila!

My Tiff!

My Lover Mason!




Bowl!!! I think she knocked down like 9 pins in this frame!

I think I guttered. lol! We were laughing way too hard!

Ila and I going head to head.

Ila and I going tail to tail.

Tiff says, "Wipe that silly grin off your face, Nick!"

Looking for their muscles.

Pre-failure dance. It was destined with moves like these.

What? You can't smell the smoke coming from these guns? Nick and I came here to play some hardcore bowling. No monkeyin' around!

Let the games begin! GRRRR...

Oh look, we win! WHOOPIE!!

Take that, losers. Maybe next time you'll bring your big boy toys!
We had so much fun! Hope you enjoyed looking!


tiffany thigpin said...

We had so much fun! your blog helps me to remember although i do remember it a little differently, but if you want to say you won go ahead, no.... i know you "won" but WE LET YOU so there! fun fun fun

Rachel said...

This is WAY too much fun for a family night; and by the way, WHERE IS THE FAMILY? Maybe that's why it looks so fun!! ;)

Petersen's said...

You guys are hilarious! I never knew you could have such a great time bowling!

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