Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010: My Year of Change

I'm foregoing the usual and overly-typical New Year's Resolutions this year seeing as they usually only survive the first 30 days anyway (if they're lucky). Instead, I'm opting for a month-by-month personalized plan of change. Of course, I want these to be long term goals that will stick, but I also don't want to overburden myself with a dozen resolutions all at once. By incorporating them one at a time like this I'm hoping to accomplish more and feel better about myself come December 2010. Here is my (hopefully not too ambitious) list of changes:

1. Change of heart: I want to be like the real heroes I read about in the scriptures who had "a mighty change of heart" and became the ultimate source of goodness and righteousness. I want to have a knowledge of what is true and become unshakable in my faith and unmovable in my beliefs.

2. Change my plans: In living 3 decades on this earth I have learned one thing and that's that the Lord has a plan for everything and everyone, including me. Once I stop fighting it, then and only then, can I blossom into what He needs me to be.

3. Change my weaknesses into strengths: My desire is to become a woman who is strong both physically and spiritually. I want to change the things that tempt me into things that appall me. And I guess I can't escape some of those typical new year's resolutions no matter how hard I try, because I still want desperately to change my food cravings, (i.e. milk chocolate and caramel fudge baths if I had my choice), and rev my clean eating habit and exercise routine into a turbo-charged lifestyle.

4. Change my personal time table: Because I am so schedule-oriented I find it difficult to veer off from that schedule too far. Therefore, I tend to be the fuddy-dud of the two parental figures in the Mason abode. Plus, I've been so busy this past year that I have sacrificed some precious moments with my number one fans. Those moments can't be brought back, but I can help create new ones!

5. Change my spiritual time table: I won't even delve into the major disappointment that is my temple attendance last year. Let's just say, it wasn't near what it should have been. I vow to go once a month every month, at least.

6. Change my perception: Of others, of myself. I have found myself being more judgmental and even, what I consider, hateful this past year. People who cut me off at the light or in the supermarket got a roll of my eyes or a heavy sigh and a glare from me. People whom I barely know that have judged me wrongly got that same judgment back-tenfold. I found myself saying things like, "Why do I care?" or "Who do they think they are?" or even, "I can't stand him/her". Harsh words, I know...but no more. This is not about being the bigger person in a certain situation, but rather about being the better person in the long run.

7. Change the output in the Bank of Mason: My husband has always been so good at saving money. I have always been so good at spending it. It's a love/hate relationship that usually works against us. This year I plan to contribute to our savings from the entrepreneurships I have ventured out on in 2009, (heaven knows I have plenty to choose from!).

8. Change my desires: My list of wants is a pretty long list. I want to build a home. I want to open a business. I want to travel the world. I want, I want, I want... Well, my list of needs is a fairly decent-sized list, too. I need to help save money, I need to get out of my box and give more service, I need to do better on my visiting teaching, I need to do this, I need to do that. This year, those lists will be condensed and molded into a more practical list of Things Important to Accomplish in Life.

9. Change of mind: I love learning. Anything that seems interesting to me, I'll try at least once. Some of those intellectual curiosities have taken me to places in this life that I would never have traveled to by myself or out of a classroom setting. I wouldn't exchange those experiences for the world and I plan to expand my knowledge base even more in 2010.

10. Change of attitude: In the words of Thomas S. Monson, I will "find joy in [my] journey now". I have so much in life to be thankful for, so much to find joy in. But most of the time I feel like I walk around too tired or groggy and half-dazed or annoyed to be truly happy. Well, that's MY problem and I plan to fix it this year.

11. Change the visitation rights for Aunt Flo: Ok, so this one is a bit off the wall considering the other things that have appeared on my list thus far. But, seriously, her visits get quite annoying. So, this year they will be eliminated via an I-Don't-Care-Just-Rid-Me-Of-This-Nuisance procedure. (Safely, of course).

12. Change my fear of change: No lie, all these things on this list excite and scare me all at once. I have an excitement and ambition unlike no other, but I also fear the unknown. This year I resolve to overcome that and then try one thing I'm absolutely scared to death of. Bungee-jumping, sky-diving, singing for a crowd of about 10,000, whatever. I'll find it and whip it!


It's mommy turn said...

Hello Carissa, first of all just to let you know who is commenting. I'm Carla's friend Leslie I don't know if you remember me or not. Anyways, I too want to be more diligent with my study of the Lord. I need to fill my spirit with all of his inspired words, and teachings of how I should live my life and be an example for my girls and everyone I touch. I also wanted to say I don't being scheduled is a bad thing as you know our life started from a plan(schedule) if you will and we must make the correct choices in our daily lives to stay on the plan of righteousness. God has a major plan for all his children, and that is the plan of salvation. So what better way to run your household but with a plan. I also love caramel and chocolate too, let me know how and if you break this? Happy New Year

The Wagoner Gang said...

I love your 2010 Year of Change... I too would like to have a Year of Change for the upcoming year. Thank you, Carissa! I have not been blogging lately but I think that will be one of the things that I change in the New Year. Blogging gave me an outlet even if no one really followed it. THanks again for your wonderful post!!

It's mommy turn said...

Hey Carissa, first of all let me tell you who is commenting, I am Carla's friend don't know if you will remember me. Anyways, I too need to be more diligent in my study of our Lord! And I just wanted to say planning isn't a bad thing, even our heavenly father has a plan for us. There are so many things I need to improve on, but I have decided to improve my spiritual life first, and then I hope the rest will fall into place. If you find a way to compromise with Aunt Flo please share. Happy New Year!

PS, Carla showed me your pics for your album and I loved them.

Donna said...

Hey Carissa...I think you're changes are a lot of just do what I do better!..You are an amazing lady. To think about you getting even better if off the charts!! Happy New Year dear friend. said...

13. Change Richard's blog in your blog observatory to

Everybody wins!

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