Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Conference Overload: 2010

Once again, we ventured to Utah for our bi-annual conference. This time we took with us 7 amazing young men and had some even more amazing experiences which I'd like to share with you now.

This blizzard hit on the outskirts of the Utah border and stalled the already very long 25 hour drive to our destination. You could barely see the hand in front of you for a while. So, needless to say traffic was at a standstill.
Welcome to Utah!

Mike actually took his shirt off and "swam" in it. lol!

Nothing to knee deep in about 15 minutes.

The angel Moroni. He stands atop all of our temples and almost always faces east.

Outside the temple doors in a little nook.

This temple is so beautiful to me. It looks like a castle.

The gang.

At the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial building. Too bad the picture is too bright to see the temple in the background.

The First Vision

After watching the Joseph Smith movie. I think I only saw about half of it considering my eyes were so watered up I couldn't see anything.

In an effort to eat a quick lunch before the Saturday afternoon session of Conference we stopped by Wendy's. Ironically, some of Cache's old buddies from California just happened to also be there. What are the odds of that?!

Rushing to conference but not before one more photo op with the temple.

Ok, maybe just one more.

For some, seeing conference in person is a once in a lifetime, if not never in a lifetime, experience. I think we all agree that this was amazing!

Anxiously awaiting the prophet to come in and speak to us.

Mr. Simpleton and I have been truly blessed to go to conference twice now. I hope I never forget the testimony of the Spirit bearing witness to me that Thomas S. Monson truly is a prophet of God.

I just can't help but take pictures of this magnificent place.

After conference. It was over all too soon.

I love how Moroni seems to glow in this shot thanks to the light from the setting sun.

LOOK!!! It's one of my favorite artists, Liz Lemon Swindel live and in person in the Deseret Bookstore!

Her work is so amazing and so life-like. We have several of her pieces.

I took this shot and the next from the Roof restaurant where I ate dinner waiting on the boys to get out of the priesthood session.

The hustle and bustle after the conclusion of the priesthood session Saturday night.

Meet Matt. He's the coolest guy ever. His wife, Jenny, is the coolest gal ever! They opened up their beautiful home to 7 teenage boys and 2 extra adults so we could come see conference without any added expense of a hotel room. They even fed us breakfast (pancakes for 8 men? We might as well be speaking in multiples of 100 here, folks!) And a BIG shout out to Alex and Isaac for giving up their comfortable beds and sharing a room together. You guys rock!

Mr. Simpleton and Chris Williams, who just happened to be there as well. We also ran into the Newsome family that used to live in Durant. We saw Brother and Sister Newsome, Sami, Emi and her husband, Garrett or Ford (or both, I can't remember, it was so crazy). We also ran into the Hiatt family from the Sherman ward there. Cache ran into his friends from Cali. It's amazing how many people make the journey to see such a special event which only comes every 6 months. So cool.

The whole gang from Durant just before the departure for their 25 hour trek home: (from left to right) Caulder, Sean, Brady, Mike (in the back), Junior, Cache, McKean, Jonathan, Marshall, Bishop and Mark.


clarissa gouveia said...

those are great pictures, that temple is amazing! i am so happy to know that jonathan is now a bishop.

Kendra said...

I loved conference {as always!} It is always so inspiring! P.S. saw you blog on blog frog! :)

Holly Renee said...

Wow, what a gang! I think that temple looks a lot like a castle, so cool. I like the picture where the guys are all lined up but you can see all their faces.

Lion House Bakery said...

Thank you for sharing your experience at Temple Square during Conference and posting so many great pictures! It is great to see people enjoying our restaurants and other facilities on Temple Square! Did you know that we have a Visit Temple Square Blog? If you're interested, check it out at

We post regular content for it, including upcoming events, but we love guest submissions from visitors! If you are interested, e-mail me a couple pictures of your family and friends in any of our restaurants or on Temple Square and include 1-2 paragraphs about your story/memories of your experiences there. We would love to post them! My e-mail is Thank you!

See Mom Smile said...

We ventured to the mother church for conference too. Love waking up to snow on my spring break....NOT! And we were complete losers and did not make it in the conference center. We watched from the tabernacle. Cute pics!
Found you on MMB!

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