Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"The Tuesday Transcriber"


A secret kept hidden,
for the want was forbidden -
and the torture I felt on my own soul dealt,
left me overridden,
So, beside myself in the heat I knelt.

A cry in the night
of an unseen plight
is overheard, but our screams all sound the same.
My heart offered, contrite,
but it only ignites
and there no more is left to claim.

A fact made known
and thus written in stone
is that you will never a tear set free
for one so prone to stand alone
in the way of stones thrown.
No, not nearly for the likes of me.

C. Mason
Jan. 2013

Blog Make-over Announcement!

Hi all,
     As most of you know, I have been one busy lady!! With our recent adoption and the opening of my children's store, "The Glittering Door", I have barely had time to change diapers (I won't even get in to the debaucle that is my laundry room!), let alone keep up with my blog.

And I have missed it so!
   So, I have resolved to do better this year at keeping it up by revamping it a little. Each day of the week will be assigned a title with a corresponding post. It will look as follows:
"Modest Mondays" - where I will post pics and articles about dressing modestly, yet trendy.
"The Tuesday Transcriber" - This is where you will get a glimpse into some of the innermost clock-workings of my mind, which will be both provacative and private. Some may shock, some may make you wonder, but all the same, I hope they make you think.
"Wordless Wednesdays" - No words allowed! I will post pictures only. Funny pictures, inspirational pictures, thought-provoking pictures, sad pictures.
"Thursday's Take-Out" - I love food. I mean I am in love with food. If it were allowed, I'd marry it. However, our relationship is love-hate; it's volatile and one-sided. I will delve into all things edible here (both lovable and loathable).
"Free-for-All Fridays" - I still need a day to just rant or express what's been on my mind for the week. This will be the designated day for all of that jibber-jabber!
"Saturday Stalker"  - I love looking at other people's blogs. So, on this day I will direct you to one of my faves so you, too, can be inspired or enlightened by some of my cyberspace friends.
"Saintly Sabbath" - Inspirational pictures and articles from my beliefs, both religious and personal, will be posted on this day.

And who knows how long this will all last or -being realistic here- if it will even take (Lord knows I try to keep a well- organized life, but that's a lot like trying to rake leaves in the middle of Fall on a blustery day). Take courage, woman! I got this...

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