Monday, February 4, 2013

Modest Monday

I am in love with chevron. And you know, I wasn't at first. It just didn't....hit me ("trends" normally don't, though. I like to wait to see if it's a die-out-fast trend or hang-on-for-a-year-or-so-then-die-a-sudden-ugly-death trend or the Ima-be-here-for-awhile trend). But now I own several pieces of it and I've come to find out that it's a very flattering print to wear, especially in these bright colors. It distracts the eye from problem areas; makes them all incognito. And who doesn't love that?
And denim! I'm a fan of denim. It's a very 90s trend that is coming back with a vengeance and I have to say, it's darling with just about everything. Why did we ever let it go?
Just look...

I love this combo. An airy tank with a denim cover and leggings with sky-high boots. Adding a pop of color (I prefer turquoise) is easily done here. However, I will insist that IF you are brave enough to venture out in leggings as pants, it is highly recommended that the shirt you are wearing cover your derriere completely. Leggings on anyone, no matter how fit and tone your tush and thighs are,
are never flattering from the groin up.
It's. A. Fact.
And despite what you want to believe about whatever color of tights they are, we can still see straight through them when the sun shines. Just making you aware.

 I love an unexpected combination like this.
Soft formal-looking tulle with a western flare.
Whimiscal yet modern. Casual and chic.

 This is a basic, classic look all around, denim and pearls with a splash of leather. Great for work or a date because it's comfy and stylish.
And here, the denim look takes us to Spring Break. I myself, like Bermudas, but if you were wearing this with your swimsuit underneath, you've got a win-win. Easy transition from lunch date to beach play date.
Hope you enjoyed today's addition of Modest Monday, where fashion meets function without losing our fundamental values.  


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