Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Modest Monday!!

This is seriously one of my favorite posting days! Clothes, clothes, clothes!! When I'm talking about clothes and shoes and accessories, how can it not be a good day?!
Today's topic: Swimsuits.
Don't you dare touch that Back button!
Let's face it (because there's no denying it), swimsuit season is just around the corner. Every gym in the US is full during the lunch hour and after 5 pm with dedicated souls trying to work off their hips and thighs what's left of Christmas, New Years and soon-to-be Valentine's Day treats.

You'll be happy to know that with the vintage look being such a hot trend right now, one pieces are coming back with a vengeance! Think cute, but simple and reservedly sexy pin-up girls from the 40s.
Do I have your attention now?

Take a look at these:

Sophisticated and modern with a vintage flair. Great for any body type, but especially for women with smaller busts.

If you have a boyish figure, this is suit for you! Vertical stripes create a slender silhouette, while the ruffle at the hips gives the illusion of a smaller waist. The bow at the bust is great if you are not as well endowed as other ladies. It can make your bust seems a touch larger by the added tuft of fabric.

I think this is such a sweet swimsuit. If you have a "pooch", as most of us women who have given birth before do, it is great at disguising that by hiding it behind the folds of fabric.

This suit is plain and simple, yet chic. Only a few could wear it with grace, unfortunately, considering the bust doesn't provide much coverage AND it's horizontal stripes do nothing for a figure.  

Again, if you have problem areas, like a pooch or squared off hips, these suits with folds of fabric or ruffles in front are designed to hide those areas. I like ones with fuller coverage for the rump, too.

The tankini - brilliant. This one is particularly great for the girl with the bigger bust as the two different fabrics work to minimize the bust. The same as if color-blocking the waist of a dress to make you look 10-15 lbs lighter.

I have this swimsuit and I get more compliments on it. It has a full coverage bra top and the contrasting sash works like color-blocking as well. Very flattering and very cute!!
THIS swimsuit is stinking adorable!! I adore it! It's ruched in the front, gives full coverage for the bust and bottom and even has cap-sleeves! It is the perfect swimsuit, in my opinion because anyone and everyone, no matter your body type, would look good in it!
So, get out there and go shopping for that perfect swimsuit! Believe me, it's out there, waiting on you. Here are a few of my favorite websites to shop for modest swimsuits.
Have fun shopping!!


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