Monday, February 25, 2013

Modest Monday...(a tribute to the Military)

Is anyone else in love with the muted tones and stream lines of the popular trend of the vintage military look?? I. Am. Dying!! Yet, again, I wondered if this was just a passing fad or a stay-around-style when it hit the runways, but I still fell instantly in love with it. So, I went and got a few items for myself.

This is the very first little military-style jacket I ever bought. I can't remember where I got it, but I get a ton of compliments when I wear it. I usually pair it with straight leg jeans with a red and white striped tank and red heels.
THEN, I found these purses within the same week of each other. The smaller clutch I found at, of all places, Old Navy and the vintage-style messenger bag I found on Etsy.
Let's get started with the basics. With military, you usually think buttoned up, epaulettes, patches and muted tones like khaki, green, black and brown. Doesn't seem all that interesting at first thought, but look at what stylists have come up with:
This is as basic as it gets, right here. Pair this with a denim jacket, a pencil skirt or black jeans, a cute military-style hat, a messenger bag like mine, some big gold earrings and a bracelet and you'll be surprised with the final outcome. It's extremely versatile and can be dressed up to your personal liking.
Pairing lace or other soft textured fabrics with the stream lines of the military style help to transform it into a feminine-friendly trend. Add pearls or a long gold chain necklace for even more dressy feel.
Find a tailored suit jacket like this one and add it to your wardrobe for instant date-night chic or business-casual look. A big bold-faced watch and simple clutch add a sense of confident sophistication.
Just another example of great military chic. Find this in a vest and you have a ton of options for dressing it up or down!
And we can't forget pants, espcially not cute camo pants like these (which can be found at Victoria's Secret)! I am not a camo fan in the least but I do own a pair of these. I typically wear them with nude or black heels and a black V-neck shirt tucked in in the front with a black or brown belt and gold jewelry. Simple, comfortable yet very daring and chic.
 Now, that we have the basics down, let's add some funk to it!
If you're not so much into the whole military style or don't feel you can pull it off confidently, try stepping out in a simple yet cute military-style hat first. Then, add other pieces to your wardrobe as you get more confident and comfortable with it. This one or ones like it can be found on Etsy.
The hot colors coming up for Spring are pink and orange. I'm sorry but I'm not about to pull out my husband's camo shirt and pair it with some orange jewelry (Heaven help me if that's the next trend to hit the runway). But, look at this take on the military style in bright cheery colors. Totally doable!!
Love this hot pink paired with the vertical striped pencil skirt. Slimming, to say the least. Paint your fingernails to match and viola! Super chic!
 How about adding a simple military shirt to a striped skirt or printed jeans (which are coming back in now)? I hadn't thought of that till I saw this picture. I will be trying that this week!
This red jacket is very eye-catching and reminiscient of an 80s Michael Jackson (and I absolutely love that!). Add some aviators and simple earrings and you're an instant style icon!
And who says military has to be all drabby in its color schemes? Look for one like this in gold or silver sparkles for a night on the town! Uh, yes, please! And the great thing about this is that if you're of the older generation and feel like the military style is "too young" for you, but you love it all the same, try this! ANYONE can wear this piece and do so successfully.
And don't forget the sailor look! So very popular, even in young children's looks right now. A skirt like the one above can be found at The Limited online.
Spring is on it's way and here in Oklahoma, that means that February is cold and snowy, March will be a bit warmer but terribly windy and April will be fair but rainy before we get any enjoyment out of all the budding signs of new life around us. So, don't pack away your jackets yet. In fact, these next few are not only fashionable, but functional military-styled gems.   
Love these robin's egg blue and sunshine yellow peas. It's like a walking "Welcome Spring" sign! And the 20s-inspired bucket hat, adorable!!
If this post has inspired you to invent your own military chic wardrobe, start by shopping Army surplus or Goodwill. Lots of cool hidden treasures can be found there. You can also find some super cheap gaudy items at flea markets or garage sales and turn them into cool one-of-a-kind items like these:
This upcycled messenger bag can be found on Etsy, here.

Upcycled iPod/iphone case from military canvas.

Old upcycled band jacket with ruffles! (Eee!!)
So use your imagination and make it yours!
Happy Modest Monday
God Bless America!!


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