Monday, March 25, 2013

Modest Monday: Spring/Summer 2013: What to Expect

If you're wondering if that Chevron shirt you bought last season is going to be a faux pas this season, read on. I'll bring you up-to-date on what's hot and what's not for Spring and Summer 2013 (according to

1990's GRUNGE - leather and all. Mixing mesh with leather, t-shirts with chains, holey jeans and converse is all "A Go!" this Spring and Summer.

RETRO 1960s - I will admit, most of this trend is not so much alluring as it is eye-catching, but in a not-so-good way (as in the first photo here). However, there are a few peices that I am finding cute (like the 2nd photo) and even a bit flirtatious - as in flirting with my closet (3rd photo).


STRIPES - Very in! Big thick stripes to tiny pinstripes, horizontal, vertical, slanted, choppy and mixed with other prints, it doesn't matter. This trend includes your chevron shirt! (You chose well, my friend, in that stellar purchase). And chevron looks to be hanging around for awhile, considering it's EVERYWHERE!

BLACK AND WHITE - This combo is probably never going out of style. It's a classic look that just can't be beat. And the bold color difference is slimming in most cases.

DENIM - again, think 90s. Mixing and matching the shades of demin seems to perfectly acceptable as well (which I personally find hard to wrap my brain around).

COLORED CHINOS - yes, even for guys!

RUFFLES - The bigger the better! And more IS more this season.

METALLICS - we're not talking a hint of metallic either. This is the make-you-look-away-because-it's-blinding-you metallic! The shinier, the more aluminum foil-ish, the better! From clothes, shoes, purses and make-up, metals are dominating.

FLORAL PRINTED ANYTHING - pants, shirts, shoes, dresses, purses! Bring on that floral pattern.


CHECKERED PATTERNS - Checkered is coming in with a vengeance whether you like it or not. It's not necessarily always going to come in the from of taxi cab checks either, big stripes to form checks will also work.

BERMUDA SHORTS!!! - You have no idea how excited I am about this trend making a comeback! I've always worn them, so I guess it really didn't matter but now that it means I'm in style, it's a BONUS!

 COLOR BLOCK- always been in style but is really taking a dominant stance on the runways.

FLATS AND LOW HEELS - my feet may thank me this season!

ANNNDDD:  if you're looking for something to really make you stand out (or spice up a sexy date night), try these new underlash accents by Chanel.

Combine any of these trends with another one listed (such as 1960s fashion with metallic beading or a black and white color-block dress) and you can't go wrong. They're doing it all over the runways.
Have fun creating your unique style with the 2013 trend list!


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