Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Conversations With a 4 Year Old

My mother spends a lot of quality time with my kids, having them over for sleepovers filled with movies, games and popcorn. Often, my son says some very funny things to her. This is a compilation of just a few conversations she's had with my little rugrat.

"Surprising Mom"
One day my mother was bringing Garrett home from one of their fun-filled sleepovers at her house. As I was coming out to greet them in the driveway, Garrett turns to my mother and says,
"Hey, Nana. Let's surprise mommy!"
My mom asks, "How are we going to do that?"

Garrett proceeds to slide down in the car seat, "We duck down", he says to her.
"And then what do we do?", she inquires.
He raises his head just above the seat, enough to make eye contact and explains, as if she should've known this,
                                                   "We duck up!"

"The Best Grandkids"
My mom often brags about what great grandkids she has to my children and on one such occasion this is the response she got:
"You know what ,Garrett?", she asks. "I have the best grandkids."
Garrett is silent for a moment or two before comtemplatively asking,
"Where is they?"


Garrett: "Guess what, Nana?"

Mom: "What?"

Garrett: "You're the best!"

Mom: "Well, thank you, but I think YOU'RE the best."

Garrett: "Nooo, you're the best!"

Mom: ", you're definitely the best."

Garrett: "Ok. I'm the best."


There is this simple little game of touch and run that my mother and Garrett like to play together. You might be familiar with it. It's called Tag. Once a person touches you, you are 'it' until you can tag the other person before they get to base, right? Well, my son and Nana had played this game off and on all day long one day. He finally tuckered out and fell asleep on the couch. My mom picked him up and moved him to bed. She gently tucked him in and quietly crawled in beside him, trying not to wake the little man. However, Garrett roused from his sleep just enough to open his eyes, stretch out a hand, lightly touch my mom on the arm and say,

 "You're it."

Look for future additions to this post, coming soon!

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