Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sister to sister we will always be, a couple of nuts off the family tree!

While my 2 sisters-in-law were down visiting me this past weekend we decided to get a little goofy. Nothing new. But here's the proof for your enjoyment. There is one picture missing from this collage and it is being held hostage by the one in blue. Oh! And the matching sweaters...planned.

An Artiste, Am I

I don't profess to be the next trendsetter in Altered Art or Rescued Jewelry Creations but I do make and sell quite a few things month to month in a little store downtown called Margie Pepper's. I love this place. I love it a lot. I love it so much, most of my paycheck from the art I sell goes right back into my friend, Michelle's, hand the second I get it. She owns the place and gave me my start in selling art. I had been selling on eBay but there is something so surreal about knowing at any given moment I could walk into someone's home or pass someone on the street and they could be displaying a piece of my art or jewelry that they paid good money for. I have taken a few pictures of some of my creations for your enjoyment. See something you're interested in, not that I meant for this to be a sales blog, but still...let me know.

"Spring Dreams" Necklace
One of a kind refurbished vintage pendant using rescued jewels and sparkling swarovski crystals.

"Enchanted Songbird" Necklace
One of a kind necklace using vintage faux pearl strands and settings with sparkling swarovski crystals.

"Let Your Light So Shine"
Original Framed Collage Art


Original Framed Assemblage using
a vintage bottle cap, watch face and speeding ticket.

"Beach Beauty" Party Hat

"Memories" Mini-Scrapbook keychain

"Live The Dance" 8x10 framed collage art

"Home-The Journey" 8x10 framed collage art

"Bella" paper keepsake Tiara

"Petite Royale" altered art tiara
Made using harvested and rescued jewels
and vintage German decorative foil trim.

"Easter Morning" Necklace
Made using vintage jewelry setting and harvested jewels.

"Divine Sisterhood" Necklace
Made using rescued vintage faux pearls, earring
salvage pieces, sparkling swarovski crystals and
vintage jewelry settings and clasps.

"Queen Bee" Brooch
Made using vintage jewelry setting,
sparkling swarovski crystals and
a gold modern bee charm.

"Queen Bee" Necklace
Made using vintage jewelry setting,
sparkling swarovski crystals, chocolate brown
velvet ribbon and a gold modern bee charm.

"The Player" 8x10 collage art
Made using vintage Bingo cards, Scrabble letters
and vintage images from my personal collection.

"Art" Assemblage Box
Made using a collage of vintage dominoes, scrabble letters,
bingo cards and a tiny vintage vile.

"I Caught the Song of My Heart" Statuette

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