Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dr. Shuler this way...

My family and I have been on a new adventure recently (hence the blogging hiatus. Sorry!) We have bought an old historic building in downtown Durant and are restoring it. Throughout the process of demolition we have unearthed a few treasures. Today, while peeling off some old bead board we discovered this:

So, I set out to find out just who doctor Shuler was. Here's what I found!



Dr. James Lafayette Shuler, born at Adairsville, Georgia on January 28, 1860, was the son of John Shuler and his wife, Matilda Hill. His maternal grandfather was Ladson Frazier Hickman, and maternal grandmother was Rebecca Josephine Ross.
In the 1880's, with his father and mother he came from near Cartersville, Georgia and settled on a farm near Hackett City, Arkansas, and he received his primary education at the local schools in the community in
which he lived in Georgia and in Arkansas. His medical education was received in the Medical Department of the Arkansas Industrial University (Little Rock), now the University of Arkansas School of Medicine, in 1887 graduating with the degree of Doctor of Medicine. He was licensed to practice medicine in Oklahoma under the Act of 1908. Prior to that time he had been licensed under the laws in force in the Choctaw Nation. He was a member of his local and state medical societies and a Fellow of the American Medical Association, secretary and past President of the Bryan County, Oklahoma Medical Society, and Medical Director of the Bryan County Hospital.

After his graduation he practiced medicine in the Choctaw Nation at Pocola and removed to Cameron in 1895 where he engaged in the practice of medicine until 1901, when he removed to Durant and continued in the practice of medicine until his death on August 24, 1939 at Hobbs, N. M., where he was on a visit to his son.
Funeral services were held on August 26, 1939 from the First Methodist Church of Durant, Oklahoma, Rev. W. L. Broome and Rev. W. L. Blackburn officiating, interment being in Highland Cemetery at Durant.

He was married on January 11, 1896 at Pocola in the Choctaw Nation to Lucy A. Hickman, who together with their son, Dr. Ashley Cooper Shuler, who resides at Hobbs, N. M., survive him.
Dr. Shuler was an active and leading member of organized medicine in Oklahoma. After his location in Durant in 1901 he served as President of the State and County Societies, and at the time of his death was Secretary of the County Society. For many years he was Councilor of the State Medical Association and served as President in 1912. He had devoted his time and talent liberally in the support of his profession. He was a member of the Masonic Order, holding membership in the Blue Lodge, Knight's Templar, Scottish Rite, and Shrine, and had from his youth been an active and consistent member of the Methodist Church and a supporter of the Democratic Party, and of local civic enterprises.
A devoted husband and father and a good citizen has passed away.

R. L. Williams

I just have to say...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Monster Munchies...

7 years ago today I received my 4th little blessing from Heavenly Father. Reality is just setting in that my BABY is 7. years. old.  *sniffle*
So, to celebrate my little monster man's big day, I made these little monster cupcakes for his class!


Monday, October 18, 2010

History Whispers From the Past in the Written Word

The last few weeks I have been searching diligently for something that I have misplaced. While endeavoring to find my lost item I stumbled across this little green journal. It's a Christian Log Book that belonged to a man by the name of George E. Luscomb from Weston, Tx. He served in the 329th Bomb Squadron in 1944 and used this book as his journal while on active duty during WWII.

I bought this little treasure at a garage sale several years ago. Inside he has listed several family member's birthdays.
"Papa - Aug. 2, 1884
Mother - July 2, 1885
Johnny - Feb 8, 1918
Glendora - Aug. 18, 1927
Doris - October 26, 1922
Ode (Olin) - Jan. 21, 1912
Sis - Apr. 25, 1913" and etc...

I have loved skimming through this book and reading what Private Luscomb has to say. I have felt like a voyer in this young man's life. I listen to him tell about his mission trips to places like Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munster, Germany. Then, there are other missions to places like Watten and Bergerac France. I am mesmorized when I read about his nights out dancing with the pretty girls (which are seldom). I smile with him when I read that he slept in till 10:35 one morning. My mouth waters when I read the passage where he ate roast beef for lunch, I sing Hallelujah with him on Sundays when he writes about how uplifting the service was and I rejoice with him when he receives a letter from home. There's even an entry where he speaks of a General Hodges (my maiden name) coming to visit his battalion on June 30th. Private Luscomb speaks several times of quiet nights listening to the radio and of rumors that seem to surface amongst the men regularly, although I haven't discovered what they are concerning yet.
The entry for D-Day, June 6, 1944, is especially unique; pictured below.
As a handwriting analyst, I also took advantage of using my skills to find a deeper glance into the personality of this man, whom I already felt quite acquainted with. I watched as his handwriting went from an average-sized copy book style legible cursive in Jan. of 1944 to an over-sized, rushed and choppy cursive by August of the same year, then converging into a mixture of the two diverse styles by November. I could only imagine how the war had affected him beyond what I could see as a Graphologist.

I was quite excited to find this journal again and decided to take a break from my search and rescue operation for my missing item to read for a little while. I sat down and opened it up to the day's date (Oct. 6th). Here's what it said:
"T/Sgt. Price 330th BS killed by a direct hit by flak - Blood all over everything. The horrors of war!"

Of all the flipping pages I have done with this book, I had never read this passage. Instinctively, I slammed the book shut, as if I'd witnessed a horrifying murder or seen something shockingly inappropriate. I shoved the book back in its hiding spot on the shelf and stood to walk away, content to never open it again.
I was still trying to shake the chills off my spine.
But - no matter what I did, I couldn't shake the impact of that passage all day. I envisioned this young 27 year old's face twisted in a mess of anger, confusion and sorrow while he wrote, grieving for his comrad.
So, I decided that it would be un-American to walk away from that; completely sheltering and selfish to deny myself this opportunity to glimpse into the life of a soldier at war. Not just a soldier, but one caught up in the middle of the ruckus, experiencing so much day after day and somehow finding the courage and energy to write it down for me to read. I am grateful for this young man, Private Luscomb, for his sacrifice, for his diligence in keeping history alive for anyone willing to read it in his written word.

Monday, September 27, 2010

New 'do!

Monumentous event for me on Sept. 3rd:
Got back to a more natural dark color w/o the red undertones...

 and added flirty bangs...
Whatcha think??

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pity Party Drunkard

Hey ev'rbody...

Thankths fer comin'.
[smacks tongue in between lips twice and hiccups softly].
Oops, 'scuse me.
Uhh, not suurre wh, whhyyy no more peoples sthowed up to thisss little sshhindig?
I figured LOTS of pity-goers would be lined up for thisss Par-TAAYY.

Oh, lookie! Selfishness came! [jumping up and down but stops abruptly and covers her mouth]. I just *hiccup* luff herrr. She's jus' so, sooo...centered, you know? Oo! Hey, Ignorance! [begins to whisper] I luff her, too but not all the lighbulbs came with the chandelier, if ya know what I meeaan. Ssshhhh [roughly puts a finger to her lips, distorting them]...that'sth our little secreT. Let's seeee, I saw Common Sense, but she left already. It's ok, she's like NO fun anyway. I hope Depression comes, that one, she reeeally knows how to get doowwnnnn!

Hmmm, weird [wrinkles nose and forehead].......didn't anybody else get the invites? *hiccup* I sent them out, like, like, uhhhhhhhhh, [counts on fingers], a monf ago. I spefisically, specifislee, spec-i-fi-cally said I didn't want anybo'y to bother me! Which means I really DO want people to bother me!! [sniffles]. But not like bother, bother me...jus' show up...and *hiccup* pity *hiccup* wiff me!
You'd fink they'd know that by NOW. [pouts excessively and wipes nose all the way across sleeve].
But nobody sthowed up to my last party, *hiccup*, no body showeded up to that one either.
Hmrph! I may jus' have to find some, some new frans. [stamps her foot and twirls clumsily to leave but runs into a brick wall and knocks herself out cold].   

*Due to the damage caused to my ego combined with complete waste of time and cycle of self-loathing that stalls any form of personal progress or intelligent decisions to be made, I regret to inform you that there will be no more Pity Parties being hosted at my house.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cruisin' Along in 2010

Here are some pics from our recent vacation for your enjoyment.
We headed down to our port city, New Orleans, a day and a half early because we had never been and wanted to see it.
Needless to say, this was our first and probably last time to visit New Orleans. Although it is beautiful in some parts and has a wide range of personalities, it is the filthiest city, in every sense of the word, I have ever been to.
I did love the bold architecture like this here at the Hotel Monteleon.

The corner of famous Bourbon and Canal Streets.

Downtown Bourbon.

We ran into lots of eccentric and flashy people. I couldn't get Garrett to take a picture with this guy "wearing way too much pink" for his liking.

There were lots of bands playing on the street for tips.

Another street show. She was a fantastic belly dancer.

We took the Haunted Ghost tour of New Orleans that night. Way fun to hear about some of the city's most notorious skeletons in the closet.

Eerie shadow of the Christus on the town hall.

Daphne bracing herself to try an oyster for the first time.

Sniff, sniff.

Open wide and swallow hard, babe!

No chewing!!

And it's gone! She did it!

So, Abby wanted to try one.

Not bad.

Outside of the famous Cafe Du Monde restaurant after getting some yummy beignets for breakfast.

There she is!! The Carnival Triumph!

Our Cozumel port of call.

We took a taxi to the beach and lounged for a few hours.

On the pier, were we ravaged by pirates!

The puppet said we had too many kids and she knew how to fix that!

All the kiddos.

Still my little Casanova.

Beach babes!

All the gang getting ready to snorkel.

Me and my sexy man.

We found this guy wandering around and decided to share some of our tortilla chips with him.

Then, these pretty things walked by but they were not as impressed with out offering and quickly scurried away.

It was time to go back to the boat and we found this couple, completely sauced - to the point that he couldn't walk. We offered to help them back to their boat, the Inspiration, docked right next to ours.
(Where's Collin? He's smashed into the wife's neck! lol!!)

He kept saying "Hoo-rah!" to Collin because he found out Collin served in the Air Force and he was a retired Marine himself. He even shed a tear that one of his Military buddies was heloing him out. When we arrived at their boat he kissed Collin on the  head to thank him. Jonathan saw what was coming and though  he tried to avoid the inevitable incoming smooch, the guy was too strong and planted one right on Jonathan's cheek! I wish I'd had my video camera!

Upon arrival back to our boat, Collin realized he had left his formal attire at home. But no worries! He fashioned this little number out of one of the stateroom towels. With my and Daphne's accesories he was all set for Captain's night! 

Now to just get the sashay down pat!

At dinner in the Paris Lounge. Dinner every night was a feast fit for kings!
All the other kids were at Camp Carnival having too much fun to come eat with mom and dad!
Me and Daphne having a moment.

Some of the fancy photography on board.

I had this one made into a canvas.

And look what we have here...Don't worry, though. We authorized the smashing out of our back window to rescue 2 of our cats who had been locked inside with no food, water or litter box for the entire duration of our cruise! Yeah, I'm sure you can imagine the mess so I'll spare the details.
Ah! The joy of surprises!

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