Friday, November 20, 2009

A Lesson in Listening

We took a little family outing to Sherman this week for some much needed escape time. We ate at Olive Garden then, went to PetCo (where we talked ourselves into buying 3 mice. Hey, even the cats need food storage). Well, we parked halfway in between PetCo and Target because we were going to have to visit Target as well to buy our son a heavy coat for winter.

Upon exiting PetCo my husband says to the kids, "Now, don't get in the car. We're just dropping these things off in the back and then headed to Target." All 4 children obediently respond, "Yes, sir."

Jonathan opens the back door and begins making room for our new pets and all their equipment. I open the front passenger door and Garrett opens the side passenger doors and proceeds to climb in. I turn back to him and say, "Garrett, did you not hear what Daddy said? DON'T get in the car", as I sit down in the seat and shut the car door.


It takes about 20 seconds for me to realize the car is extremely quiet. I look out the window and see 4 pair of little eyes and 1 pair of Daddy eyes staring at me in confused wonderment. My face turns Pope Robe Red and I open my door as fast as I can. I look at the children and sigh, stifling a giggle.
My husband looks at me and in all seriousness says, "Did you not hear what Daddy said?"
We all busted up in to an uproarious laughter.

Touche. Mommy is grounded.

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