Friday, April 19, 2013

Our come-what-may Day...

I have to take time away from the TV screen and away from the drama of this messed up world to focus on and post some uplifting joyous news in the Mason household.
As you know, we have been trying to adopt a sweet little boy by the name of George (now known as Newman) ever since he was laid in our arms on January 19th, 2012.

He was just 3 weeks old at the time (born the day after Christmas) and we were so nervous and excited to invite this little bundle of boy into our home and hearts, not REALLY knowing with assurity that he would be ours forever. We tried to keep our hearts at a "safe distance" so as not to get hurt if he were to go back to his birth family.
But our efforts were futile.

He stole our hearts from the first precious moments he spent with us. And we were undeniably 100% smitten!
With every passing day, we fell more in love with his little personality. We had regular meetings with his family every Tuesday.

With every meeting I was so afraid that they would also be falling so very deeply in love with him and begin to want him back and eventually ask for him. We had to remind ourselves that the Lord's hand was in this and that whatever His will is, is what would come. So, come what may...
After months of not knowing his fate and if he'd be able to be adopted by us, even after his parents signed their rights over, we were told in October that adoption was emminent.
Then, our warm October left.

Thanksgiving came and went.

Santa visited our home and filled stockings and the New Year came.

We celebrated his first birthday in January and then, January was gone.

The same thing happened with February, here and then vanished.
Then, came a new face to the scene. A new adoption-worker who managed get done in a matter of days what was taking our lawyer over 6 months to do even with all of DHS hounding him.
Within a couple of weeks, we had a court date. But the week crawled by like a snail trying to make it's way through stale peanut butter on a windy day. And of course, my mind was running over-time with all the things that could go wrong before this date could get here.
But, nothing happened. No gloom and doom took over. No malice made its way through our lives to spoil our plans. And...
Yesterday was it - our magical come-what-may day! Despite our lawyer being nearly an hour late, we are happy to report all went off without a hitch!! He's officially, 100%, legally OURS. (Truly, he's been ours from the start but having that piece of paper sealed and stamped with the State of Oklahoma's approval really does something for the nerves).

A big THANK YOU goes out to all those who helped make this adoption possible. To the DHS workers (Scott Richard, Gracie Robertson, Deana Phillips, Cody Battles) for calling us when there were so many other families just as deserving as we were waiting for a child just as special as Newman is. To our families for sticking by us and supporting us through not one, but two previously failed adoption attempts that left us heart-broken and weary, to say the least. To Newman's birth mother, for making the ultimate sacrifice for her child. I cannot imagine how hard this must have been for her. To the rest of Newman's family spread out all over Oklahoma for trusting us to raise this little spirit of God up right, in the ways of the Lord. We promise to do our very best and to provide for him in life all he needs to grow up to be the stellar young man we see him as! To Lisa, the lawyer's secretary who busted her tail doing all the lawyer's bidding in record time and hung in the balances waiting on everyone else. And yes, even the lawyer, as slow and complacent as he was, because without him, it wouldn't really have happened.

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