Friday, October 31, 2008

Pirate Mayhem!!

Happy Halloween! Look how freaking adorable we all were tonight!!!! Even Bella was dressed up as a pirate!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Come As You Were Party!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Maniacs loose in Prestonwood Circle! Residents say it's time to find a new neighborhood! One without freaky people like these...
What was I? I was "Woman who refused to make man sandwich".

As you can see, even in death he still couldn't keep his hands off of me. We have here a desperate housewife voting for Obama (She wants to know where her check is! I told her I'd be giving it to her shortly. About 39% worth of my hard earned cash!), a disco freaky dude, myself and Hitman.

I love his bling.

Us women need to stick together. You know we're all desperate, really...desperate to figure out a way to get rid of our husbands!

The pirate who stole the hippie chick...for her booty, of course!

Costume Contest winners from L to R: Matt - 1st place, myself - Creepiest, Olan - Scariest (you can't see them but he has the most gruesome scars on his face and a nasty broken arm), Josh with Carmen and Mariah -Coolest, Jonathan - Funniest and Laura - Most Original (she sooo deserved it!)

Matt Lieu, Our Halloween Princess. AKA: Crowd Killer

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just another day...

So, like today...yeah, it's my birthday....
29 years old....
That's almost 30....

Let's see what did I do today? The usual: updated my fitness blog, laundry, dishes, swept, planned a seminary lesson, checked the mail, updated my fitness blog again, worked out, shuffled kids, signed papers, paid the Schwan's man for food I didn't need...

OH! And answered emails from friends who love me on my birthday!! Wrote on people's walls on Facebook who told me happy birthday!! Read comments left for me on Myspace by people who sent me love on my birthday!! Went to lunch with the coolest sister ever on my birthday!! Opened the coolest gifts ever from my mom and daughters on my birthday!!
*sigh* Let's see...what else?...

Oh!! And I mooned somebody on my birthday!!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Attack of the Mommies!!

Oh! And the source of the mummy story actually came from a commercial he and my mom saw. Anymore, the commercials are getting just as bad as the TV shows themselves (anyone seen the Scion car ads??). But, I will refrain for now and leave that topic for another post at a later time.

Aaarrgh ye ready fer a paaartay!?

Recently, my son celebrated his 5th b-day (gasping for breath as we speak). He wanted pirates and treasure and, oh yeah, lots of presents! You know how I can't turn down an excuse for a party of any kind, so you knew it was going to have to be big! Look and see...

Yes, that is the cake. And before you ask, it, *cough*, uh, WAS, uh, supposed to look that way! Yeah. Don't you know a sunken pirate ship when you see one?! Sheesh.

Isn't it funny when someone blows out candles on a cake everyone else's lips can't help but pucker up, too?

I think he was quite proud of himself for blowing the candles out on the 4th try!

I found this stow-away trying to find the booty on her own. Aargh! Walk the plank she must!

The party wench and her gender-confused shipmate. Yes, I dressed up. Are you kidding!?
Aargh, matey! Hands off me booty, ye land lubber!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Conference Stew: Food For My Soul

During the past 2 days I have been fed a meal that has filled me to the brim. I am not speaking of a meal of steak and potatoes and all the trimmings, but rather a meal of spiritual nourishment. It is a meal I only get this heartily 2 times a year. Once in April and another in October. 

Those who are members of my faith understand how very important this conference is to us semi-annually. We have 48 hours of being lifted up into positive attitudes, of  being spoon-fed the luscious word of God, of the divinity of His existence and the love our Lord and His apostles have for us. 
Those who are not of my faith, please understand: I believe in apostles on the earth. I believe that the Lord would not leave His people desolate and without a guide to help His children through this perilous journey of mortal life. Therefore, we have a prophet. Even a modern-day prophet. His name is Thomas Spencer Monson. He is an inspired man, full of the love of God. I feel it resonate from him every time I see his face.  
This is an account of just a few of the things I have learned this conference. I have summarized the more precious parts of my 25 pages of notes. These are the things that stood out to me and I have listed them here for all to enjoy! I encourage any additional posts and comments that add to the things I have pointed out.

Don't allow the stress and strains of life to get the better of us. Stay positive. "The best is yet to be." 
Seek to simplify our lives. Be worthy of the companionship of the Holy Ghost.

Missionary work is the lifeblood of the Church.

Live a gospel-centered life.

You don't know everything, but you know enough.

Jesus will make everything alright.

The ordinance of the sacrament make the meeting of the sacrament the most sacred event. We should participate weekly and appropriately in the sacrament. It is our compass for the week.

The infinite power of hope: Hope has the power to fill our hearts with happiness. Without it, it can make our hearts sick. The adversary uses despair against us. Despair kills ambition and blinds the heart.

Can you imagine a more glorious life than what the Lord has prepared for His children?

If only we could look ahead and see what God has in store for us. "fear not little flock. God will wait with open arms to receive."

The way we react to adversity affects our overall happiness: 
    1. Laugh: It creates cherished memories. It extends your life and makes it more enjoyable for those around you.
    2. Seek the eternal: We all experience sorrow. It increases our compassion for others. Jesus has suffered our same sorrows.
    3. Understand the principle of compensation: The faithful know that every tear lost will be returned with tears of joy.
    4. Put your trust in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ: Jesus Christ is our partner and wants us to be happy and successful. Do your best and leave the rest to Him. 

Learn to love your adversity.

Angels are still sent to help us. But those angels are not always from the other side. Some of them we walk with. 

Have more gratitude for and belief in God's promises. Be filled with faith. 

Jesus Christ is the way...any other way is madness.

Drink of Him and never thirst again. Eat of his bread and never be hungry. Follow His light and never be lost. Accept His atonement and be clean. OR foolishly deny all these blessings. What then shall we do? Remember Him. Take on His name. Keep His commandments. It is the only intelligent thing to do. 

While the Lord's standard is highest don't be mislead into thinking that this is only achievable by those who are most able. This is not so. It (life) is not a human endeavor. It is an endeavor with God. Not because we are able but because He will make us able. 

The Lord's way is not hard. Life is hard. Keep going and don't ever quit.

Be beacons of righteousness. Arise and shine forth.
     1. Overcome strife and contention.
     2. Be united as a people.
     3. Care for the poor and the needy.

Give up your summer cottage in Babylon. Come to Zion.

For more Meaningful Prayers:
    1. Counsel with the Lord in all your doings.. Meaningful morning prayer is essential for our spiritual daily creation. 
    2. Express heartfelt gratitude. Every now and then give only a prayer of thanks and ask for nothing. 
    3. Pray for others with real intent and a sincere heart. Pray for those we love AND for those who despitefully use us. The Savior is the PERFECT example of this. 

A great day of unity is coming. Be a peacemaker, a restorer of unity. 

See people's differences not as conflicts but as contributions.

Speak well of each other. Step away from the possibility of sowing seeds of disability in unity.

"The world hateth my disciples because they are not of this world."

Be guileless; slow to take offense and quick to forgive. Look for our own faults first.

Don't come down from your "high places" - don't be poisoned by degrees. Don't lose sight of your divine identity, of your virtue.

1 virtuous youth can change the world! You are the guardians for virtue.
Exercise more self-discipline. Let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly. Always remember Him. Stand in holy places. Seek after good and virtuous things.

Do not get comfortable and slack on your Church service. We need to work, serve and overcome even as our pioneer ancestors worked, served and overcame. The Lord is not asking us to walk across a continent - He is asking us to walk across the street. He isn't asking us to die a martyr's death - He is asking us to live a disciple's life. This is not a time for the spiritually faint of heart.

"There is nothing so constant as change." Life is brief. Find the joy in the journey NOW. One day we will run out of tomorrows.

"The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone." 

Whatever God has blessed you with, take it with both hands. 

Feed His sheep. Make the object of our lives to bring even 1 soul unto Christ.

A testimony may come to some from a process of unremarkable experiences that combined make up a remarkable testimony. 

There must be opposition in all things for righteousness to come to pass. 

We will not suffer anymore than what is for our good. 

There is perhaps no sin worse, besides the unpardonable sin, than ingratitude. 

May we live together in peace, harmony and love. 

Here is a list of several of the scriptures that were quoted this time:
D&C 89
D&C 59: 9-10
3 Nephi 18: 11-13
D&C 115:5-6
D&C 104: 17-18
D&C 59:21
3 Nephi 17:17
D&C 88:33
1 Thes. 5:18

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