Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Last night...

I had the strangest dream. 

     I was sitting by a window and it was snowing. Internally, I felt like it was not safe to go outside. Like something would get me. The dream had a very tense feeling about it. But my cat, Laslow, was outside playing. Enter stage left 2 bears, a mama and a baby. They look like they might attack my little Laslow, but instead they played with him, frolicking in the snow. I felt comforted, so I moved on. 
     I found myself next in a dark and dingy, dirty bathroom with my daughter Daphne. We were trying to get ready for something but I just felt dirty all the time and kept washing my hands and hers because of the filthiness of the bathroom, (you should know I have a phobia of public restrooms). Finally, we just had to leave because we were accomplishing nothing. 
     Next thing I know we are in a green and lush village and it's sunny outside. I have gone and bought groceries for an elderly lady and delivered them to her house. I see Jonathan and he is staring blankly at me. I look at the old lady and she is staring blankly at me. Even the people on the old lady's TV are staring blankly at me. So, to get some kind of reaction I pretended to faint. 
     No one helped me. They just kept staring. I finally got up and just walked away.
Strange, I know.

Here are some symbols I looked up:
These animals are independent and refined, yet powerful as predators. The dream is telling you to beware of the cat's qualities that you may not be making use of, such as independence or intuition. 

Victory over your enemies. Seeing a bear is usually always a good sign.

Windows are about your view or perspective of what's going on around you. 

Elderly Woman:
Seeing old people in your dreams suggests wisdom and it's a good sign. It may mean that you have achieved some sort of enlightenment or that through hard work you will achieve your goal. 

Snow is associated with purity, beauty and a soft texture, while its presence can give new perspective to something ordinary.

Additional input is greatly appreciated.  
Just don't make me sound like I need to go see a psychiatrist or anything! 
Be gentle, people. 


Anonymous said...

Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions

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