Friday, August 14, 2009

Can I have a rain check on that reality check?

Picture it, the Mason household, August 2, 2009:

All 4 Mason children and a Mason mother are dressed and ready for church. Breakfast has been devoured by those not fasting this particular Sunday (as evidenced by the explosion of cheerios and milk in the kitchen). Hair bows have been pinned and primped. Even dress shoes have been rediscovered on lands far, far away.

The morning has gone exceptionally well for the Mason household on this particular Sabbath. You see, not once did Mason mother have to yell or threaten anyone with their lives to make sure tardiness was avoided. Today the sun is shining a little brighter over Prestonwood Estates.

So, with scriptures in hand and a smile on her face, Mason mother escorts happy little Mason children outside to the perfect little Mason family car. Birds are singing, crickets are chirping, butterflies are abundant. (I would say deer are frolicking in the near distance, but that's pushing it).

When all at once, little Mason boy asks mother, "Mom, is today Fast Sunday?"
"It sure is!" says Mason mother.
Replies little Mason boy, "Well, it sure doesn't seem very fast."

Butterflies bolt, crickets crawl away and the birds have all but choked to death on their songs.
Is that a cloud I see forming overhead?
Well, in all reality, we were all thinking it anyway!


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