Thursday, October 29, 2009

The EMT (Chronic)les

I am not even working full time at EMS yet. I've only done a few ride-outs and one clinical day.
But I've already experienced several odd characters and even odder situations.

My first contact ever with an emergency situation was during a ride-out while I was writing an article for The Buzz. We responded to a call for a patient stopped on the side of the highway with severe indigestion. When we arrived on scene, the EMT and Paramedic I was with performed their assessment and determined the man was not suffering from indigestion but rather, was having a massive heart attack. We loaded him in the ambulance and I did nothing other than hold this guy's hand and spike his IV bag. Other than that, I stayed out of the way and watched helplessly as this grown man cried like a baby at the relentless torturing pain he was enduring.

Once we got to the hospital and he was given some morphine for the pain he was able to relax and speak without much extra effort. I peeked in his room to check on him and he waved me over to him. I grabbed his hand and smiled.
"Honey," he said, "thank you for all you did to help me."
"It was nothing." I replied knowing I didn't do anything really.
"And honey," he began again and paused to breathe.
"You've got to be the prettiest damned EMT I've ever seen."
And then he called for a trash can so he could throw up.

Then, once I was helping transport a diabetic patient from the hospital back to his nursing home. We were looking over his room making sure we had gathered all his belongings. I asked him,
"Sir, do you need to take anything with you from this room?"
He glanced around the room and then grabbed my arm startling me and said,
"I'd only take you."
I smiled at him once the look of sheer fear left my face. I had no idea Casanova was still making his rounds.


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