Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Surrounded - The Trilogy of a Tween-ager

This trio of photos was inspired by a conversation my tween-age daughter and I had the other day.
"Mom, am I fat?" she asked me.
I was stunned.
"No!" I stated adamantly
"All the girls at school say I'm fat and ugly and stupid."
As I watched the tears begin forming in her blue eyes, I searched for something to soothe her battered heart.
"The only opinions in this world that should matter to you is your Heavenly Father's and your dad and I's. We know you from the inside out and know you are full to the brim with beauty and intelligence. Anyone who doesn't see that, is only robbing themselves of a rare human being to have as a friend."
She hugged me.
And the knitting needles knitted tighter.


Rachel said...

Ohhhh Carissa. This one takes a bit out of my heart. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Give her an extra big hug from me. Better yet, I will next time I see her. HATE those junior highish years.

It's mommy turn said...

Your daughter is beautiful!!! When people, especially the immature, feel threatened or jealous of someone they will lash out. I am so sad for her to have to go through this, but it will only make her stronger.

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