Monday, April 5, 2010

"Le Pastiche"

In french, Le Pastiche means "a collection of artwork". I've had this vision of owning my own little store that houses all of my creative endeavors and just recently took the first few steps up the Hill of Trial and Error to see how it works out. I rented a mini booth in a little catch-all store downtown called Bremar's. I was given a couple shelves and told to decorate how I wanted.

What you see below is a glimpse into my vision.

Below are some glittery houses I made to look like the cool vintage ones you see for a fortune online. Also pictured is a Pail of Posies with the words "wish", "dream" and "love" planted inside.

Here we have some handmade gift tags and mixed media art.

The blue thing in the background with yellow tabs sticking out is an original Paper Bag Album. It's a scrapbook made from brown paper bags and stuffed full of tags and nooks and crannies, pockets and pullout pages for all of your precious memories to be stored. I do take custom orders, so if you would like one in a particular theme just let me know. The one pictured here is Beach-themed.

Here is a shot of some of the Easter goodies I have mixed in with a few other fun things. A "Bunny Baker" trinket keepsake box, a green glittered egg on a bed of vintage velvet leaves, and "Peeping Chicks" spring egg. The bottle in the back is full of Journal Inspirations - tiny popscicle sticks with some vintage, some modern charms dangling from the end. This could also be used as an excellent ice-breaker game. And last but not least, the pink and silver glittery box up front is a mini jewelry box with a necklace inside. Too cute to describe in words, so go buy and check it out.
Pictured here is a Fairy Dress Mannequin made with pink glitter ribbon, vintage gold wing findings, and vintage velvet leaves from an old millnery. And another pretty keepsake box.

Handmade pomander balls. I can make these in custom colors for your party or wedding. Just give me a week's notice as they do take a while to make.
Another angle of my little space.

This is some of what's left of my unique jewelry line. I'm in the process of making more goodies for you!

And what occasion would be complete without a handmade greeting? Be it Christmas, a birthday or anniversary, Thank You, Get Well or Just Because, I have a card for everyone on your list. Again, don't see a card to fit your fancy, let me know and I'll make one specifically for your taste.


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