Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rainy Day Craft-a-thon

Hooray for rainy days that give my crew a break from the city pool every now and again!The pool was closed due to the looming threat of foul weather so we stayed home and made things using our imaginations!

First, we pretended to be mad scientists... creating strange humanoids using old magazine pictures...

Garrett's finished zombie: Giant Bob

Julia's finished droid: Charli

And I had to make one, too! Meet Flexi-Girl. Stylish Sweetheart by day and Solid Rockstar by night! (My life in a nutshell).

And, since I was using my imagination today I figured I'd combine my recent adventures in frugality and today's burst of creative energy to rid myself (and my bedroom floor) of those orphaned socks. You know the pile? The one that keeps mutating to a big giant striped cotton monster (I actually had no idea how much we apparently love striped socks until today).

I have an art studio full of craft supplies that were feeling neglected lately so I hauled those out.

And this is what came of it all! "Sombrero the Dog" by Garrett

"Snake" by Garrett

Julia's Bird Dog. It's a bird and a dog mixed together. Pretty cute. (And no, it's not a dirty sock, I promise.)

A baby seal by Julia.

I think they liked them. What do you think?

I wasn't finished with mine but the kids wanted to take a picture anyway: This is Zaffe Girebra.

Needless to say, we had a blast!! Maybe it'll rain tomorrow? *fingers crossed*


Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

I'm sending my kids over right away!
Crafts are messy so I'm not very good about doing them. Today, I am feeling a bit inspired though.
I can't believe you fit all of that into one day!

TidyMom said...

What FUN!!! Thanks for sharing and linking up!

Salt said...

Fun projects!! I used to do the first one with the magazine clippings all the time when I was bored.

Karen Mortensen said...

Those are great projects. I will have to remember them for this next school year.

Diane said...

How fun! I'll bet the kids loved making those.

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