Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Blog Make-over Announcement!

Hi all,
     As most of you know, I have been one busy lady!! With our recent adoption and the opening of my children's store, "The Glittering Door", I have barely had time to change diapers (I won't even get in to the debaucle that is my laundry room!), let alone keep up with my blog.

And I have missed it so!
   So, I have resolved to do better this year at keeping it up by revamping it a little. Each day of the week will be assigned a title with a corresponding post. It will look as follows:
"Modest Mondays" - where I will post pics and articles about dressing modestly, yet trendy.
"The Tuesday Transcriber" - This is where you will get a glimpse into some of the innermost clock-workings of my mind, which will be both provacative and private. Some may shock, some may make you wonder, but all the same, I hope they make you think.
"Wordless Wednesdays" - No words allowed! I will post pictures only. Funny pictures, inspirational pictures, thought-provoking pictures, sad pictures.
"Thursday's Take-Out" - I love food. I mean I am in love with food. If it were allowed, I'd marry it. However, our relationship is love-hate; it's volatile and one-sided. I will delve into all things edible here (both lovable and loathable).
"Free-for-All Fridays" - I still need a day to just rant or express what's been on my mind for the week. This will be the designated day for all of that jibber-jabber!
"Saturday Stalker"  - I love looking at other people's blogs. So, on this day I will direct you to one of my faves so you, too, can be inspired or enlightened by some of my cyberspace friends.
"Saintly Sabbath" - Inspirational pictures and articles from my beliefs, both religious and personal, will be posted on this day.

And who knows how long this will all last or -being realistic here- if it will even take (Lord knows I try to keep a well- organized life, but that's a lot like trying to rake leaves in the middle of Fall on a blustery day). Take courage, woman! I got this...


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