Monday, March 11, 2013

Somewhere over the Rainbow (and back again)

Oh wow...what a weekend this has been! Let me just start off by saying that allergies SUCK. I have been either wiping my raw runny nose, sneezing my eyeballs out or laying in bed with a massive headache (or a combination of all 3) since Thursday.
Hence, my hiatus.
And I still don't have a post for Modest Monday. However, I just HAVE to post the birthday party I threw for Julia, my youngest daughter, this past Saturday! It's the only thing I got accomplished this entire weekend. Literally.
I present to you: The Wizard of Oz

I took this shot before I laid down the "Yellow Brick Road" that I forgot about until the absolute very last second! But it leads you straight to....

The Emerald City. But the bell is out of order, so will you kindly knock?

And inside the Emerald City was a feast of Wizardly porportions!

And of course, picnic baskets...


Why, hello little Toto!

Found these posters free on the internet!

Then, the girls painted their very own Dorothy houses to take home.

We played Pin the heart on the Tin Man and Lauren won!!


Next, it was time to sing Happy Birthday to the birthday girl!
AND open presents!!

 She quite happy with all she got.
And last but certainly not least, we can't forget the parting gifts for all of our munchkins.

All in all it was a success as no witches were spotted in our area for the entire celebration! And I hope these little Munchkins come back to visit us at The Emerald City again soon!


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