Friday, August 2, 2013

We've all had those moments, days, weeks, months, maybe years where we've felt alone. Whether it's having an illness that no one really truly can connect your struggles and pains with (although they sincerely try). Or if we've suffered from a bout of depression where no matter how hard we try to can connect with the outside world we still feel isolated on the deepest level imaginable. Or maybe it's just not feeling like you're being understood for a moment in time by friends or family and feel just a bit disconnected. Perhaps, it's the loss of a person close to us that leaves that deepest of empty feelings? There are so many moments like these some tiny, some gargantuan in our lives. This piece is a sympathizing one on all these aspects (inspired by a dear friend of mine being as brave as ever through her own personal struggles). 

"Sick Bed"
It is not what is said
but words left homeless
that inhabit the crooked crags of my heart.
Drowning in a dark bitter dread
of a life of time-less
study and wishing for mine to start.
Alone in the world I'm lead
but never companion-less.
Yet, here still am I left to fall apart.
And in my head
I'm smiling nonetheless;
a face that frowning smiles is an abstract art.
Where to be lead?
Away to convalesce
and leave you to tell the two apart.

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