Thursday, August 14, 2008

Did I Do That?!

Recently, a couple close friends of mine and I found some extra courage just lying around and, after no one claimed it, we decided to put it to good use ourselves while at Hurricane Harbor. We opted to let a goofy black guy who insisted on being referred to as "That Boy" who was working his FIRST day on the job, no less, and a short Mexican lady with a major attitude problem strap us all together into body halters and string us up by our ankles from a 200 foot arch in the middle of the park.

That's the easy part...climbing. Although, I'm told about 1/4 of the way up the incline I turned ghost white and started chanting.

Anyhow, as the people below are turning into ants and I'm seeing my life flash before my eyes I had to wonder how I used up all that extra courage so fast. Some people waved to us. I waved back. Some people laughed. I didn't feel like laughing. I chanted some more. Some people had their hands clasped over their mouths. I felt like I might throw up but I couldn't get my hand to my mouth because that meant I would have to let go of the death grip I had on Ila. I swallowed instead.

The crane that was pulling us by our feet up and backwards came to a jerky halt. I saw "That Boy" wave to me which was the signal for me to pull the cord. Yes, he picked me to pull the cord that would release us into the eternal depths of swinging terror! And I know why...because he knew by the time I got up there I'd be the one to freak out and would give the best show for those on the ground. At least I didn't disappoint.

I blindly reached behind me and grabbed the little orange nubby thing wondering if this was the pull-cord or the thing that unhooks my harness. I winced and yanked. Nothing happened for a split second and it gave me time to latch on to Ila just case I had unhooked myself.

Then, the exhilaration of free fall. The wind in your face. The sun on your back. The nausea that has solidified and crept up your throat. We swung a million miles an hour back and forth like a pendulum in the sky. Although, I must say we 3 would have made a stunning pendulum. Anyhow, after I realized we were only a few feet above the people wading in the pools below I opened my eyes. I released my grip on Ila. Her arm was white and limp. I doubt she's recovered the feeling back in it yet. They may have had to amputate. There was a little girl who caught my eye and gave me 2 thumbs up. I replied with the same, albeit shaky, gesture. I almost puked on her.

When we were unharnessed and freed I took my first few steps on solid ground. However, there was a sound following me. It sounded like someone tapping a small drum behind me. I looked down. It was my knees. My hands had turned into mush and were now just useless appendages that drug the ground. My head flopped around on my neck like a bowling ball trying to balance on a chopstick.
But I'd do it all again tomorrow!


ila mason said...

HEHE i love this story
its very good and true my arms still havent recovered lol
hehe miss ya
much luv *ILA*

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