Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where's a Bottle of Time When You Need One?

It is amazing to me how quickly time passes. With Garrett starting school and all my girls who have been in school and it's no longer such a big deal to them, I have come to the realization that precious time with my children is gone. Time that I hope I spent wisely and that I hope even more so has had an impact on them. It's time I wish I had back. Time that has slipped out the back door with all its suitcases and left the key on the counter.
I've sent kids to school before. And I cried on all of their first days, too. But like I said in a previous post; this one is different. With Garrett leaving, I come home to an empty house. It's the weirdest sensation to look over your shoulder and not have a chubby little face right there ready with the question, "Is it snack time yet?"
So, today I took the last of my offspring out for a very special mom and son date letting him choose what all we did. Here's the day in pictures for your enjoyment:

Eating at Long John Silver's

Photo Op

Play date at the park.

I remember when this slide used to be too big for him. Now nothing seems too daunting for my little man.

Not a bad little pic for a 4 year old Pre-schooler!

He was supposed to wait on me. I guess I better get used to that idea. Time doesn't believe in waiting. I found that out today.


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