Saturday, July 3, 2010

Alice Adventure SNEAK PEEK!

My oldest daughter turns 12 next week and for us that's a big deal. Lots of new changes occur for her when she turns 12. She goes into Middle School for one (ugh, really? ALREADY?)
She also advances into the Young Women's organization in our church.
And come on, she started shaving this past month, I had to buy her her first bra!! It's all happening so fast I hardly get to see anything. I feel like I'm trying to read the graffiti on a runaway locomotive.
So, letting the new adventures that await her in the next year inspire me I have decide to throw her a mega adventure for her to share with her friends...

in WoNDeRlaNd!
Here's a sneak peek at the future festivities:

The invitations...

Mad Hatter Treat Box (I may even give you a tutorial on these...if you're good).
Ok, that's all you get for now! The rest will follow next week directly after the party and clean-up (if I survive). And you'll be able to check it out at my Party and Event Blog: Hip Hip Soiree


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