Monday, July 5, 2010

"Well, there goes $600 out the window!"

Or door in our case.
Our beloved bird, a Jenday Conure named Steve, escaped from our house tonight.
We are devastated.
My little Julia came to me in streaming tears and hiccuped breaths screaming that Steve had flown out the door when the girls opened it to let a friend in.
Daphne, Abby and Garrett had grabbed flashlights, since it had just gotten dark outside, and were diligently searching trees and bushes.
I have real doubts that we will ever find him again. He does have a tracking bracelet and I will be calling the the proper facility to report him missing in the morning...but for now:
To any of you in the Durant, OK area, this is what Steve looks like. (I know 4 children who would be willing to give up a year's worth of dessert to have him back)


Wendy said...

Good luck finding Steve! Maybe the tracking bracelet will work....

Karen Mortensen said...

He is beautiful. I hope you find him.

Charlotte said...

I'm so terribly sorry to hear about your bird and am praying for a happy reunion.

Hope the bracelet helps--please keep us posted!

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