Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It's amazing how much being in your own environment can make you feel SO much better. There is something about being surrounded by things that are familiar and comforting to you that seems to make the troubles of the world just melt away.

As of about 9:30 this morning, they discharged Daphne from the hospital and she is already gaining more color in her face and her desire to eat has increased. She doesn't want much, a bite here or a nibble there, but it's something. Here is a photo of the aftermath of her surgery.

We cannot say thank you enough for all the letters, texts, Facebook posts, cards, emails, gifts and prayers that were sent our way. It truly did make all the difference in the world for her. The more her room filled with flowers and teddy bears, blankets and balloons, candy and magazines, letters and cards, the more she would smile and interact with us again. THANK YOU! You have no idea how much your thoughtfulness contributed to a faster recovery.

Maybe she'll be up to making dinner tonight? I'm pooped! ;)

2 comments: said...

Those tiny laparoscopic scars are amazing compared to the drainage ditches they used to cut for appendectomies.

I am happy to hear your daughter is doing well. Tell her I said hi.

Will and Ajay's Mom said...

I am so glad that she is home and doing well!! Thank goodness!! I know how horrible it is to have one of your little babies in the hospital and having to have emergency surgery!! Scary stuff! But thank goodness all the prayers were answered and now everyone can maybe get some rest!!

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