Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Questions For the Curious

Why is it when I need a quiet day, just one quiet day, the phone rings off the hook?

Why do my children insist on repeating something I have said in the very distant past at precisely the wrong present moment?

Why when I color my hair does it give me a boost of confidence even though it's only a shade or two off of my natural color?

What is it with guys and scratching?

Why are there STD commercials on the kids' channels?

How come I can run my butt off every day for a solid year and still have cellulite on the back of my legs?

Why does the doorbell ring at the most inconvenient times?

Why is it when I have to go to the restroom really badly I forget how to undo my pants?

Why do men's libidos have to be SOOO much, uh...stronger...than women's?

Why do men and women have to think so differently about some of the most common things?

How is it that some people can go through life completely miserable for no reason at all and others find happiness even in the most disasterous of situations?

What do they mean by "Cat got your tongue?"? I have never let a feline that close to my mouth, let alone close enough to catch my tongue!

What do they mean by "Curiosity killed the cat"?

What do they mean by "Let the cat out of the bag"?

Why do so many cliches deal with cats?

How come children can forgive so quickly someone who has pushed them down or taken a toy from them or hit them and we, as adults, can't forgive someone for even the smallest of silly offenses?

What ever happened to the Golden Rule?

Why doesn't love stay forever for everyone?

Why am I so blessed and priviledged when some of my brothers and sisters in this world are suffering?

What makes me so special?

Why do gay guys make the best girl friends? (At least for me they do).

Why is it that even though I have been singing and up on stage my whole life and performed in front of millions of people all together I still get the shakes and very nearly pee my pants before I have to go on?

Why is it that the people we care about most in our lives sometimes don't seem to care that they are cared most about?

How long has it been since you prayed?

How long has it been since you listened after you prayed?

Why are you reading this?


BakerBloggers-Matt & Jenny said...

ok seriously, where or how did you come up with all those gems!? They are awesome! Fun read. Unfortunately, to most of those questions, there are no answers! said...

"What do they mean by "Cat got your tongue?"? I have never let a feline that close to my mouth, let alone close enough to catch my tongue!"

Mby cmat gmot bmy tmunmg, anb bnow I pan't tpmalk!

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