Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Valentine's Day Card

I love Valentine's Day, don't you? I adore being creative and finding fun and flirty things to do for my husband. I also like the anticipation, the sheer suspense, of waiting to be surprised by what my hubby has conjured up to give me on this candy-and-roses-filled day. Year after year, he tries his hand at being creative. Sometimes, he succeeds. Other times....well, let's just say his heart was in it.

This year he managed to fall right smack-dab in the middle. He took me to my favorite place in the whole world. A little Habachi and Sushi grill about 30 minutes from here. I filled myself to the brim with Rainbow sushi, a Philadelphia roll, filet mignon, lobster tail, grilled chicken, fried rice, soup, salad and veggies. I committed a sin today with how much I ate and will be repenting for this until I am certain the fat has melted off of my thighs. This may take a while.
Anyhow, that's beside the point here. Shortly after the meal, my husband presented me with the card I have pictured above. Awwww...Cute, huh?
Read the inside again. Notice anything? Did you notice the "Your lips were made for kissing" part? Yeah, that's pretty much true. Then, "Happy Valentine's Day" (to me!).
And lastly, "To my...."
Wait. Does that say....

" HUSBAND...with love."? Why, yes it does.
I will be the first to admit, he's not so much into the paying-attention-to-details-thing. I guess most men aren't. Not to stereo-type here, but I think it's a little known fact between us ladies. We can get a new hairdo or lip color and you know SOMETHING is different so, you manage to blurt out a ques-pliment, as I call them, (a compliment in the form of a question) to the tune of, "Wow, honey. Is that a new outfit?" *fingers crossed behind your back*
*Slight sigh and a teensy roll of the eyes while you're not looking* "No, dear. I've had this for years. But thanks for (finally) noticing." *winking in your direction*
Whereas, you guys can brush your teeth with the left hand instead of the right and we'll notice your teeth are whiter today, (you know it's true). Don't get me wrong, we still give you an A for effort. I'm just making my point. The majority of your gender just wasn't blessed with as much attention to detail as us women. If you were, quite honestly, we wives would probably be slapping you all the time for letting us know the dishes were put up in the wrong cabinet (again), the couch is off-center and the dress shirts were hung up buttons out, not in.
But this card...this card takes the cake! LOL!! I love you, dear! You are my Mr. Simpleton in keeping things real and low-key. I love your sense of humor, your wit. I love the way you make me laugh even when you don't mean to. I love your sincere and innocent attempts at trying to be as creative as your artistically-superior better half (just kidding).
But seriously, don't worry. Next year, for Valentine's Day I'll buy my own card. You can sign it for posterity's sake.


Steph said...

So true!!! I loved this.

KellyDavid said...

Wow. So I know your husband from gaming and was told by Matt Baker to check this post out. It did not disappoint. We will be sure to give him the proper smack-down he deserves for such an error.

By the way you, two make a beautiful pair of husbands.

BakerBloggers-Matt & Jenny said...


I have never met John (sp) but I can totally see him doing this!

When I read your fantastic post, I laughed out loud and I am so excited to have some good COD4 material to use on him. Thank you for sharing and we all know John is great, but it is fun to hear about his slip ups as well!

Seriously, keep the blogs coming! So funny...

BakerBloggers-Matt & Jenny said...

So weird I am reading your blog and writing to you. I am the wife of your husband's cyberfriend. The whole online friendship thing is...different. Anyway, super funny card and super funny writing. I tagged you by the way, so go to our blog to check it out!

Allene said...

People should read this.

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