Saturday, December 20, 2008

On the Eighth Day of Christmas My Parents Gave to Me... ice skating!

I was the first of the 2 parental "role models" for our children to try going around the little rink full of teenagers and 5 year olds who could spin pretty little figure 8 circles around me. This was me and the little ones just before we ventured out on the ice. The older ones were already out on the ice working on their triple axles.

Just checking to make sure that wall is secure. Don't need any little kids knocking it down or anything. "Hey Julia, wait for me!"

And round and round we go! I was just beginning to get comfortable in the skates.

Now, it was time for the old man, I mean my husband, to try it.

I love this shot. The blind leading the blind.

Another great shot. Garrett said he wanted dad to teach him to ice skate. At this moment, Garrett had just spun a 360 plus some while still holding on to dad's hand who I think was holding on to Garrett's hand for his own support while confident teenagers whizzed by. Little man was holding on to daddy's leg for any form of steadiness he could find. How this didn't turn out totally disastrous, I don't know.

I was so proud of Daphne and Abby, neither of which had ever been ice-skating and they picked it up so fast! Like pros!

Here's Abby just being Abby. "I'm free! Free like the wind!"

Look at little Julia go! She was so proud of herself for doing this!! She even fell twice and still kept going.

And Garrett had such a good time skating with the wall!

This was the only shot that got all the kids (and wall-hugging mom) in one frame.

Aahhh...This was fun but it's so nice to have our comfy shoes back on!


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