Saturday, December 13, 2008

On the First Day of Christmas My Parents Gave to Me...

...a photo op with Santa at the Mall!

After standing in the never ending line of screaming kids and even louder parents which looked like this...

...we made it to see the Jolly Old Elf himself!!
When asked what they wanted for Christmas this is what my children had to say:

Daphne: "I'm good with whatever." (I was surprised to find myself a little misty-eyed watching her stand there talking to him this year, what with her discovery and all.)

Abby: "I'm good with a new little puppy." (As if the 2 dogs and 3 cats we have at home aren't enough.)

Julia: "Can I please have some real make-up and a fake baby doll and a fake puppy? Thank you." (FAKE. She is such a good girl!)

Garrett: "I want some clean Spider Man shoes." (At this point, I'm certain I saw Santa look at me in my $100 jeans and American Eagle top in my suede boots and crinkle his nose. My stocking may very well be full of coal this year.)

I do have to mention that while we were standing in line, there was one of those big blue donation things where you put a coin into the slot and it spins around and around and around in this funnel before falling into the very middle, like this one...

Julia and Garrett were mesmerized watching the coin turn in circles getting faster and faster until it dropped into the middle. Garrett asked me where the money went. I said it went in the middle of the big bucket. Then, he wanted to know who gets the money. I told him it would be donated to some people who really needed it.
He paused for a moment and said, "But, mom YOU need it."
With that said, any donations may be sent directly to my home. Make checks payable to Carissa Mason: Foundation For the Financially Frivolous.


The Wagoner Gang said...

Hello again it's Jennifer Wagoner again (The Wagoner Gang), Steph Gibson's friend. I was at the mall that day in the same line as you guys. I was with my brother and his family (what a day), in fact the 1st picture is the back of my brother and his family! That was not one of my most favorite days!!

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