Friday, May 7, 2010

LOL! I had no idea...

This is a survey all the kindergarteners answered about their moms.
These are Garrett's answers...

... but the last one makes my heart super happy!


alicia said...

This is too funny. Love the 10 pounds. I'm your latest follower from SITS.

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

That is so sweet that you feel like love and I'm so jealous you only weigh 10 pounds!

Thanks for being a part of my SITS day, sorry it's taken so long to get through all the comments but I wanted to swing by and say a big hi and a big thanks. Your time and words mean the world to me.

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner?

Jamie said...

That is SO sweet!!! I love it.

Thank you for stopping by and making my SITS day so fabulous!

Delilah said...

awww this is tooo cute!
Your blog is REALLLY interesting! I'm looking forward to new posts! AND BTW I love the GET YOUR SKINNY on blog!! I could not leave comments there, but wanted to tell you thats going to be one of my favorite blogs to read! I'm going to try to recipes for sure. I'm in the process of losing weight so it will be very helpful!! : )

Carissa Mason said...

Aww, thank you Delilah! I am glad you like my blog and that you also found my "Get Your Skinny On" blog intersting, too! I feel bad that I haven't posted regularly on there. lol! Although I have kept up with my dieting and workout routines, just not been so good on the blog follow-up. But feel free to use any and everything you find useful! Come again soon!!

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