Monday, May 17, 2010

Clip and Conquer!

I've known all along that Wal-Mart honors other grocery store ads and coupons.
So, why am I just now taking advantage of it?!
I am so bad about just rushing in to that store just to rush around to get everything I need so I can rush my way back OUT.
Mr. Simpleton calls it the Devil's Warehouse.
I concur.
I've always wanted to try harder at saving money here and there by clipping coupons, buying the off-brands, going to different stores to buy certain items because their sale was better. I've even bought this nifty little book about penny-pinching, which once I sit down to read it, may prove very helpful.
But I always talked myself out of all those things because I was in too big of a hurry to have time to clip coupons let alone to go galavanting all over town to different stores. Or I'd argue that I had all 4 of my children with me and it was just too convenient NOT to buy all of my family's weekly needs in that one-stop-shopping circus.
However, yesterday I remembered some of my New Year's Resolutions, one of which was to save money and be more frugal. So, off to the kitchen to fetch the scissors and Sunday newspaper I valliantly went. I yanked the insert out to see if I could find any good deals when out fell also the competitor ads.
With that one piece of intel from the Inside Mole I knew that today, today would be a grocery shopping victory for me. (I can hear my theme song in the background: "They. will. not. controoool. uuuss. We. will. be. Vic-TOOORR-iouuus!" And if I had a good pre-battle monologue, I'd give it now. Yet, I digress...)

Armed with various newspaper promo ads from the Sunday paper and my checkbook, I stormed the Halls of Wal-Mart and overthrew the cashier lady with coupons upon coupons and ads from Walgreens and Dollar General, never once showing even an ounce of mercy despite her cries of pitiful, mournful dismay!
She didn't stand a chance.
My army plundered that store like it's never been plundered and took back to our homeland $8, which was rightfully ours to begin with!
Justice was served and all was well in the Land of Mason that springtime afternoon.

(Ok, ok. So, $8 isn't like a mound of golden nuggets or the Holy Grail or anything but hey! it's extra to put in my GNO jar!! Holla!)


Cheryl said...

Our Walmart is so coupon unfriendly, that I never shop there. We have some stores that double coupons so with sales I can do it there. But matching the sales at Walmart is such a cool thing.

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