Friday, February 15, 2013

Free-For-All Friday (part deux...)

Happy Valentine's Day!! 
Here's a look into our festivities...

 It started off with me finding a note from 2 of my kiddos. This one was from Abby - 

And right next to it was this one from Garrett - 

With this super cool drawing on the back! 
(Melts my heart). 
Then, I found this odd black journal sitting next to the notes from my kids. I opened it up to see who belonged to so I'd know who's room to put it in and saw it was addressed to me. THIS is what I saw...
Believe me, tears, love this man o'mine!

He also got me these: 

Then, it was time to get crackin' on decor and food for our party that evening! I made these valentine's fans to hang on my burlap wreath. SO easy and super chic! 

Set the table for dinner, was on the list next. Thanks Martha Stewart for the graduating/fading flower arrangement idea. 

Fondue Bar, meat and cheese dip side...

Shrimp cocktail and drinks for all...

Dessert fondue side....

The extras...

 O. M. Goodness....

Then, we played Minute to Win It!

And a little Charades to top the night off...Lol! 

 We made these Valentine boxes for the kids classes. Julia's - 

And her Valentines...

Garrett's box (made in the 11th hour, mind you...)

And his Valentines...

We had so much fun making these!! And they put good use to old used crayons. 
Here's how to do it: 
Unwrap and chop crayons. We realized the smaller the chunks, the less colorful they are. We broke the crayons into 3rds. 

Put in any sized/shaped silicone mold. 

Bake @ 230* for 15 min. or until melted.

Let cool completely (about 20 minutes), then pop out of the mold and glue to your paper backing.

Aaaannnndddd, to top the night off, our little guy decided to take his first steps last night!!!
Stay-tuned for the smash hit video in March...


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