Friday, February 1, 2013

Make-up Post for Thursday Take-out!! (My bad)

You guys know me.
I love food.
Especially sweet food.
But if you are also familiar with me in the least bit you'll know that I'm also a health nut (or at least try to be on most dayssome days; well, good days).
So, imagine my excitement when I found something that was sweet and tasty, yet good for me. Usually, those two phrases cannot coincide together. Nay-nay.
However, this is the exception to the rule.
Be prepared to swoon... with your spoon, very soon.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Knock-Off
(as in, knock off a pound) Yogurt
(recipe inspiration via Pinterest, via with my own additions and subtractions)

1 individual container of vanilla greek yogurt (you could use plain Greek yogurt and add a tsp. of vanilla if you choose)
1 T. peanut butter (I use sugar-free or all-natural to make it even better for me. You seriously will never know once you mix it all up)
1 T. sugar-free chocolate chips (again, you'll never know)
1 T. unsweetned coconut flakes
Pinned Image

Stir and enjoy! It's that easy and very filling. It not only satisfies my sweet tooth, but leaves me feeling guiltless for the very deed. Now go! Hurry! You have to try it so we can swoon together.
Happy Thursday!


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