Friday, February 8, 2013


I love a good craft.
Especially when it's practically FREE!!

SO, let's make today Craft Day, shall we?
I'm an inherent list-maker. I have lists for my lists.

  • To-do lists.
  • Menu lists.
  • Shopping lists.
  • Food storage lists.
  • Chore lists
  • Party-planning lists.
  • Idea lists.
  • Pros and cons lists for any decisions I make.
The thing is, my lists are everywhere! In random notebooks here or there.
And Colin Cowie (my organizational mentor) says that's a no-no.
SOOO, I found free printables, thrown them together with an old binder and some scrapbook paper and have created an organizational masterpiece!
Front cover
(made by yours truly)

Inside pockets filled with labels for RS dinners, notes for kids' teachers, school money pouches, etc.
The Families Are Forever chalkboard "subway" printable I found on Google and downloaded and printed for free. There's A MILLION to choose from. I use them to separate my months.

Weekly menu schedule
In the process of getting re-organized I have also started back up with couponing. This list helps me do that with ease. I had a lot of couponing to do this last week. :)
   Weekly to-do schedule and my personal food log. I would die without this!!

Towards the back I have the chore chart and cleaning schedules.

Only Heaven knows how many of these we have to do! This page will fill up quickly.

THIS is one list I can't wait to fill out! Seriously, cannot wait for summer.

And since I've started my blog back up, I figure it will keep my mind in the game if I have it planned out monthly, weekly, whatevers.

Here is my list so far for Feb. Gotta start planning the next week. Not "on it" enough yet to plan monthly. But weekly, I can do that!

And the back cover
(made it myself!)
While I was at it, I made these Doodle Dinner mats in the hopes of sparking more fun, fulfilling and entertaining dinner conversation with my kiddos. Over at you can find 2 variations of this. I printed both and then laminated them together back to back, and serve them with a dry erase marker at dinner. The kids write down or draw what things were good and not-so-good during their day and we get to talk about it! Brilliant!
I'd love to see some of the things you've made!
Will you kindly share?


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