Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Had No Idea...

Did you know there was actual blogging etiquette? Like wedding etiquette and gift-giving etiquette. I found it in a magazine called "Artful Blogging". I'll share it because I had no idea it existed and maybe you didn't either...

"Whether you have a blog yourself, or just enjoy reading them, there are a few rules - a code of conduct if you will - that can help make the experience more pleasant for everyone. You'll probably discover that every blog has its own set of expectations about proper behavior, but here are some basic Dos and Don'ts that will ensure you're welcome everywhere you visit.

Do: Comment on a post if you found it enjoyable or moving. Bloggers love to hear when their efforts are appreciated.

Don't: Make comments that are irrelevant to the post or the site in general. A lot of readers find comments that have nothing to do with the topic disruptive to the conversation in process. Most especially, don't comment just to link to your own blog - that borders spam!

Do: Respond to people who leave comments on your blog, either in e-mail or by visiting their blog if they've left a link. Visiting and commenting is essential to building that valued sense of community.

Don't: Comment anonymously. This is considered the height of bad manners in the blog world: if you can't own up to your words, maybe you should keep them to yourself. If you want to keep your comments private, consider sending an email instead. 

Do: Link to another blog when you mention it, especially if you are reposting any comment. It's only fair to give credit where it's due.

Don't: Link to someone else's images. If you must show something in your own blog, upload the picture to your own server before displaying it on your Web - and make sure you give proper attribution in the post! For extra points, check with the original poster to make sure its OK if you use it.

Do: Let your readers know if you're to be away from your blog for a while, and then tell them when you'll be back. That way, they won't have to keep checking back to look for a post that doesn't appear.

Don't: Ask someone to link to your Web site or blog. Instead, invite them to visit and comment on something you've posted. If they like what they see, they'll probably link it without being asked.

Remember, blogging is a social activity, so the same basic principals that govern any social interaction should apply. Be thoughtful. Be courteous. Be kind."


BakerBloggers-Matt & Jenny said...

So there... finally something documented. I never knew?

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