Friday, January 23, 2009

Of course

Have you ever gotten out of bed and not even made it to the bathroom yet and you can just feel that your day is off? That obviously during the middle of the night while you were peacefully dreaming crazy little imps messed with your periphery sensors and knocked your whole inner atmosphere off kilter? It's when you've jammed the same finger 2 times on the same drawer or when you go to sit down in the chair and it wasn't as close as you thought that you realize just exactly what kind of day it's going to be. AND, it doesn't matter what kind of happy face you put on or how you try to change your attitude, you're still gonna have a crappy day and you're probably still gonna say a dirty word. 

Well, this is how you know you're having one of THOSE days, (please apply all aforementioned misadventures to the following case in point, of course)...

 Yesterday, I picked up my son from school. Sounds normal, right? Of course it does. 

As I walk in I see Garrett's best bud, Eli sitting on the ground. He's desperately trying to cram papers into his backpack that just aren't cooperating. I smile at him and he complains about his papers just as they decide to slide in the pack. He sighs and rolls his eyes at the whole situation. I giggle to myself and think 'looks like I'm not the only one having one of those days'. 

Garrett comes stumbling around the corner and gives me his usual sleepy-head hug with his arms tucked in his shirt sleeves. We gather up his things and I notice leftover cupcakes sitting on the counter. These aren't just any cupcakes. Of course, they're not. Couldn't be, considering I have been SO GOOD for the last week concerning all things sugary. No, they're my favorite cupcakes. They're the cupcakes from the Wal-Mart bakery. 

I must admit, I have an addiction. I don't ever buy those evil things because I could eat them all...all by myself...within a matter of about 5 minutes...and I wouldn't think of sharing. But I only like the vanilla ones. And only 1/2 the icing...on a good diet day. And of course, vanilla ones are all that's left in this classroom full of pint-sized choco-holics! 

Anyhow, I grab one of the extra cupcakes and begin the devouring process. As we turn to leave Eli says something to Garrett about being cold. I looked in Eli's cubby and his sweater is inside. He only has his little white undershirt on. I bend down to grab the sweater and feel that it's wet. I figure his juice spilled during snack time. Of course. What day doesn't go by that a child in a pre-K class doesn't spill something, right? At the same time I notice some icing on my fingers. I check the sweater to make sure I didn't deposit any sweet gooey goodness on little man's nice sweater and ask him why it's wet. He proceeds to tell me just what happened as I listen intently, still carnivorously attacking the cupcake.
"Well, I was hot when I went to the bathroom so I took my sweater off and it fell in the toilet", 
says he as I finish licking my fingers.

Of course, it fell in the toilet. On a day like today, why else would it be wet?


Ange said...

This gave me a good laugh and reminded me of what my aunt least you didn't do this...

Her son had been eating chocolate and she saw something on his shirt, she put her finger in it and tasted it...It WAS NOT Chocolate but poop.

Yeah, Ashley did something like that recently too at least I didn't taste it but she had something dark on her collar and she too had been eating chocolate, I leaned over to smell what it was but...if it was chocolate, I wouldn't eat it smelling like that!

Hope you have a good day

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