Saturday, January 3, 2009

What the...?!

Ok, so my son has been gone for the last 3 days spending some much desired "guy time" with his favorite-ist cousin Liam. Liam's b-day was the 31st and Garrett got to go celebrate his b-day and New Year's at his house. 

Well, I have felt his absence the last 3 days, as I do when any of my children are gone for even a night. But last night I had this dream...
I know, I know. I can hear what you're thinking already. "My goodness, what is up with this chick and her dreams!?" 
I can't help it people. I have an active imagination. (Maybe that comes from sharing a bed with my husband who, we have discovered after watching "Bedtime Stories", may very well have Sleep Panic Disorder. It's true. He must have it. I mean, anyone who wakes up in the middle of the night screaming "Did you hear that!?", and "Don't go out there!" all the while making me nearly pee the bed must have SPD, right? Don't worry, I'll blog about this fantastic condition later. You'll love it!)
Anyhow, my son arrives home from Liam's house. He apparently walked home; the whole 1 hour journey from Ardmore straight to our front door, like a dog you dumped off hoping he wouldn't find its way back only to see him laying on the front porch the next morning. But it was like no big deal to me. I was just happy to have him home. He came in, I made him dinner, he told me what all he and Liam did...and then I noticed it. His hair. 
His hair had grown out passed his shoulders and was in a side ponytail! I asked him how that happened and he said he didn't know but that Liam did it for him this morning before he walked home so the wind wouldn't blow it in his eyes and he could see where he was going. 
I immediately took his hair down and cut it. 
I know.
No comments from the pea gallery, please.

3 comments: said...

Hi, Carissa. It seemed like there was a period when you had stopped blogging, and I got distracted and forgot about you. When you left me a comment recently, I got caught up, and I wanted to express how glad I am to be reading you again. Also, I put you back up on my links list.

Abby, Mitchell, the dogs and the goats all say hi.

-Richard :>) said...

Ardmore? I had no idea you guys lived so close. We live in Byng, north of Ada. Abby has two doctors in Ardmore, so we are down there quite frequently. So... Howdy, neighbor!

ashley82 said...

omg you are gonna laugh. By the time i had finished reading that story, i had already forgotten that you were describing a *dream*. So i was reading the story with what must have been a quizzical look, trying to figure out how Garrett had left my house with a side ponytail without me noticing!! lol i am an idiot. you can say it.

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