Thursday, January 8, 2009

Smooth Criminal

So, in sticking to my New Year's Resolutions from my Jan. 2nd post, where I resolved to not make fun of Michael Jackson anymore, (now revised to "as much"), I do have to give him credit for being so freaking talented! 

You have to admit that the man can sing.
And he can cut a rug on a dance floor unlike no other. His moves are still popular. Come to think of it, they were always timeless. You can watch his videos from the 80s and see dance moves that were way before their time. In the music industry, he's got it going on!

What intrigues me is how he made such a name for himself wearing pants that obviously had a seamstress nazi hem them, white band-aids on his fingertips, ONE white sparkly glove, white socks with black shoes (I don't care what era it is, that is and always will be a fashion faux pa), grabbing his crotch and hiccuping during his songs. Sure, his dance moves are clean, cool and catchy...but did that seriously make up ALL the difference in his choice of closet and dresser drawer stock?

I guess so. I mean, even I wanted to marry him as a little girl. (Him and all of the New Kids On The Block.) 
And girls fainted at his feet (or hundreds of feet away in sold out concerts) just seeing him and had to be carried out over the heads of the millions of other spectators who didn't faint looking at him in his high-waters. 
The guy made finger snapping and heel clicking sexy, for heaven's sake!  

I was searching the internet the other day (as I am most of the time) and ran across a live video of him performing "Dangerous". It spawned into me sitting for 2 hours searching for more Michael Jackson videos. I have decided that these are his 5 best songs and videos:

1. Thriller (strictly for the awesome dances that have spawned from this song that I have participated in!)

And you gotta see this video.

Timeless. Seamless. Effortless. His feet, hands and voice are liquid matter pouring out onto the stage. I LOVE to watch him. And if given the opportunity, I would see him in concert. 
Do I think he's weird? Yes.
Do I think he's had waaay too much plastic surgery? Absolutely. 
Am I glad I grew out of my "When I grow up I wanna marry MJ!" phase? ...
Well, had he stopped with the plastic surgery around 1980 after his first nose job....
...and not been apt to have sleepovers with little boys....


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