Monday, January 12, 2009

Unabashed creativity or pure laziness? You decide.

I love the holidays! All of them! In fact, I love them so much I keep my Christmas tree up year round and decorate it accordingly. (Sshhh...this really started because about 3 years ago, it was March before I took my Christmas decor down. When I finally did, I was too tired to drag the tree to the garage. That's when my brilliant plan was formulated!)

With that said, I have decorated my tree for Valentine's Day!! It has lights and pearl strands, pink and white ornaments, vintage Valentine's Day postcards and pictures of Jonathan and I all over it! I love it! Tell me what you think!
(P.S. You should see it decorated for Mother's Day! *snickering*)


Laura said...

I love it! You two are so good looking!

Super Kate said...

What???? Year round???? You are too funny. Do you ever need to dust the branches?

The Wagoner Gang said...

Oh my goodness! My mother is always giving me a hard time if I don't have my tree down by New Year's Day! This year she even said "you should just keep it up and decorate it for every holiday!". I LOVE it! If I could stand it being in my living room year round, I would so do it!!! Great Job! And thanks for the comment about my granddad's special Christmas gift, it meant a lot to me!!!

Anonymous said...

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